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  1. It is very popular here, Holden. I use it in my mural work, to protect areas that I have already painted and of course areas that I don't want to paint. It comes off easily. It's great for trying to paint a clean, crisp line.


    Holden, just want to let you know that the original baffle tape is working fine without marring. I won't be leaving it on! ;)



  2. No. It is definitely NOT masking tape! It is PAINTER's tape. It is designed to have a MUCH MUCH looser hold than masking tape.

    Here is why:

    "[unlike masking tape] Blue painters tape is designed for extended use on a surface. It will release easier even if exposed to sunlight. Blue tape is available with different ranges of contact time; normal blue tape - up to 7 days and extended contact blue tape - 2 weeks or more."


    I believe most concertina practices, gigs, and jams, last LESS than 24 hours! :)


    I have been peeling and checking the Blue painters tape I used on my concertina and it has not seized up yet (6 hours still unmarred by tape: See photo attached). In my last note I suggested removing the tape for reapplication when needed and storing the used tape on wax paper.


    Thanks Holden for caring to comment!


    6 hours still unmarred by tape. See photo below.


  3. Hi All,


    As an artist, painter's tape often comes in handy for my various projects. It occurred to me that I might be able to reduce the sound of my 18 button Englishconcertina by using a strip of painter's tape on the two "lower" baffles which are normally obscured by my hands.


    I simply cut two strips to fit the area into more or less band-aid shapes and gently adhered them to cover the two "lower" baffles which are normally obscured by my hands.


    Valentina's sound was beautifully reduced by half without warping the sound or by sounding muffled.


    It seems to work perfectly WITHOUT marring the finish (which is ostensibly what painter's tape is designed to avoid). When I remove the tape, I will adhere it to a piece of wax paper, fold the paper over the top of the strips, and put it into my kit bag for use at a later time.


    Hope this Blue Tape Trick is useful for others as it has so marvelously worked for me.


    I got a dog and his name is Blue. (Photo below Valentina).




  4. Wolf! What a lovely lady you posted! That is the most elegant I have seen! I love the gilt work. So happy you shared it with me (with us all)! I am still working with Valentina, not ready to post yet.

    Why must life intrude when music awaits?

    She sits breathing shallowly in a small, dark, space,

    And longs for a breath and a bow,

    And to sit thus bowed upon Her knee,

    Making sweet reed-music just Her and she.

    Making sweet reed-music, together.


    To fill her bellows she bows both ends

    Drawing close together, neighbors and friends,

    Some rise to kick and some to sing

    and some to cry if there's suffering;

    Valentina's sweep, Valentina's sighs,

    Making sweet reed-music just She and I..

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