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  1. In great shape, custom case included. The accidental row has a custom tuning with a double G# on the right hand, designed to accommodate Irish playing, I believe. The exact configuration is: Left hand: (push/pull) G/D E/F G#/Bb E/D Eb/F Right hand: G#/G# E/D Eb/F G#/Bb E/C Must sell. Easiest way to reach me is by phone. (317) 607-5613
  2. Yes, I was very happy to do business with Chris again, but unfortuately such high priced items seem to bring all the scumbags out of the woodwork. The 2nd place bidder has notified me that there were two fraud attempts against him. He got bogus "second chance offers" that seemed to originate from ebay with my user name on them, only the item location said "Florida" on the one that was forwarded to me (I don't live in Florida). Ebay has been notified of these attempts. If you bid on this item and get a 2nd chance offer, IT IS NOT FROM ME. It's really sad. Mark
  3. Too bad that one is a Bb/F Just curious--how do you know the key? It's not mentioned in the eBay listing. I asked the seller. It is interesting that that the seller chose not to post my question.
  4. Hi all, I've decided to sell my Suttner A2 on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/Suttner-A2-Anglo-Conce...1QQcmdZViewItem It's very nice. I'll be happy to answer any questions. Regards, Mark
  5. Thanks for all the encouragement. It was very helpful. And thank you to Chris for recognizing my altruistic motives (although my wife didn’t buy it!). I got my concertina today (next day air!) and love it. It sounds amazing and plays extremely well. And I guess my worries about the metal buttons were unfounded as they present no problem at all for me. I am already playing better. I’m glad I bit the bullet and got one. Mark
  6. Hi Ken, I'm doing well, thank you. It happens that the only concertina I have owned with a Jeffries layout was the one I sold to you. It was awkward for me having learned on Lachenals, Bastaris and Jones (oh my!). I hope I adjust to the metal buttons. I have been playing a lot of guitar lately and have some serious calluses on my left hand. I may be slipping around the keyboard for awhile. Mark
  7. Hi, I haven't posted here in a while but I have a question. Can anyone explain to me how the exchange rates work? I just paid for my Suttner and using the currency converter on his site, I expected to pay several hundred dollars more than what I did (my bank wired the money). When I saw my statement I was very pleasantly surprised. The dollar amount was almost exactly the same as the euro amount. Juergen confirmed that I had paid the right amount. Is the exchange rate different if you are purchasing goods? If that's the case, that currency converter may be scaring off some U.S. customers. On a separate note, I am very excited to be getting a high-end concertina but I am feeling a little guilty. I am a very average player and I could have made do with a lesser instrument. I was locked into 2002 prices so it's already a good investment, but it wouldn't make any sense to ever sell it. Any suggestions to help ease my conscience? Mark
  8. Brian, I am only an hour from Lansing. I absolutely would attend. Please keep us posted! Mark
  9. You can make a very handsome bellows without skiving the gussetts provided that the leather is not too thick (I have been using about .015" for these). The finished appearance of the bellows has a good deal to do with your skiving skills, but especially for your first attempt, I think skiving the gussetts would be down a ways on your list of concerns. I don't see any way around skiving the ridge strips, though. As Rich implied, don't be surprised if you have a few failures before you get it all figured out. I made five or six very bad bellows before I made one that I felt good about.
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