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  1. Wonderful. Don't ask, just search...quite pretentious, eh? And of course, keep at the scales. Thanks to those that did have the kind heart to help.
  2. Anyone?!!! Bueller??!! Bueller?????!!!!!!
  3. Concertina or piano accordion...which is the oldest??!!!
  4. Any tips on mastering the three row?! Working those scales.....
  5. So, indeed...are we the oldest?!
  6. Interesting read. Which is the oldest?!!!
  7. Hello! I have been doing a bit of research and have hit the bottom. Which is the oldest? The concertina or the accordion? Or the one row diatonic? Inquiring minds want to know!
  8. Our last Thursday night session did a tribute night for him. It was one of the best sessions I have ever sat in on.
  9. Hello, I have played the two row box for a few years now and really am pretty fluent finally, but I have been playing on the row, not cross row. I recently acquired a nice three row and am learning the cross row Irish style. What tips can you give me for making a smoother upgrade? G is quite good, D is fair and my A scale is coming along nicely. Someone posted somewhere that the other scales are just modified D scale, which has been helpful to my mind set. Anyone else going through this conversion right now? Thanks in advance!
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