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  1. Maccannic, The Aeola range is    LH G2toG#4    RH G#toC7  this is a 29000 series box

      the Lachenal New Model ser no 836  is LGF2toC5   RG C4toD7

    The Aeola not the prettiest as the ends are alloy and left end has a period blank where additional buttons may have planned or meant for a different box.

    The Lachenal has metal ends with bushed white buttons, both boxes have 7 fold bellows

  2. Hello Graham, The only crane that could be for sale is my 80 key Crabb special but I have not set a price on but it will be expensive because Crane duets of  this size are as rare as hens teeth.If you wish to think on it have a chat with Geoff Crabb , I think he would give an honest opinion of it.

    Happy New Year.


  3. Hello Simon ,The best and rarest English is an ebony ended Edeophone 58 key, 6 fold bellows, rivetted action and all fully restored. the volume of sound and the tone of the concertina can be altered by slides covering the unusual fret patterns. I have never seen the like before. Asking price £3000

    A Lachenal darkwood treble 5 fold bellows, all sorted £1450


    A wheatstone no 34130 rosewood ends 7 fold bellows all fully sorted in a modern square case price £1700

    I do have an early George Case with bone buttons ,steel reeds 5fold bellows with original papers, all fully  sorted, this is with someone on trial at this time but will be at £1400

    I do have a 23000 wheatstone with brass reeds which needs a check over 5 fold bellows the tone would suit a singer. £1500

    I hope one of rhese may be of interest.

    Happy New Year,


  4. Hello Stephen, The inlays are definitely mother of pearl, the end boxes are not split in half like a normal  Lachenal but more like some cheaper continental made instruments. This means that air losses are much more likely to happen, I have improved this aspect of it but it will never compete against a later built box. One good thing is the inlays on the sides are much larger than your box. I will see if I can get a couple of photos off to you



  5. Good Afternoon!

    I am thinking  that the time might have come to part with my 80 key Crabb  Special Crane duet. It's a stunning instrument that simply isn't getting played as much as it deserves. 

    The instrument has a range from C2 to C7 , with an octave overlap between the two ends. 


    This stunner comes with its original brown leather case, with provenance included of earlier sales from Crabb, and a photograph of the maker, Henry Crabb.  This is an extraordinarily rare instrument.


    Price on application. Serious inquiries only, please. 





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