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  1. Marc, I like your charts — based on very much the same ideas as my own. I was not aware of their existence since they don't seem to show up in a Google image search along the lines of "layout charts for anglo concertina." The idea of the push-only and pull-only is a useful one that hadn't occurred to me and further development of the chord charts would seem to be immensely useful (and beyond my current state of knowledge). Noel
  2. I am new to the Anglo concertina. A difficulty I presumably share with other newbies is finding my way around the 60 notes on the 30-key keyboard. Having some facility with computer graphics, I put together maps of the keyboard from various perspectives. The pdf versions of the maps can be printed and laminated for use as cheat sheets by students of the instrument. These are offered for personal use with no strings attached (appropriate, I suppose, for a stringless free-reed instrument — ouch!) at my web site http://www.midnight-court.com/the-concertina.html. "Midnight Court" is in the address because the site is mainly dedicated, fairly unrelatedly, to my translation of the famous eighteenth century Irish poem of the same name. Anyway, hope the keyboard maps are useful to students of the concertina.
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