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  1. Hi Alano, I've done a couple of searches, but can't seem to find the post you're refering to.
  2. Hello everyone... Is there any sort of rhyme or reason as to the choice of rosewood or mahogany or any other kind of wood for concertina ends? Being new to the concertina realm, I can only surmise that a lightweight wood would be one factor in determining what material is used for the ends. It does not seem like the ends have too much of an effect on the overall sound, based on other posts I've read here. I've noticed at least one concertina maker that uses some "uncommon" woods (zebrawood comes to mind). In any case, if anybody can shed some light on this question, or point me to a pr
  3. Geoff, Thank you for your response. Yes, I have been able to remove the two long "action" screws with no problem, presumably since they have already been removed a time or two to access the reed pan and action, etc. I assume that the short screws have never been removed, since there was never a need, thus they are rusted and stuck. I definitely appreciate the tip about the penetrating oil and will give it a try. If that doesn't work, then I will have to try David's idea.
  4. Hello everyone, I recently acquired a Lachenal 48 key English (basic learners model, from early 1900's - mahogany sides) and am doing a bit of repair work. The thumbstraps need to be replaced, but I am having extreme difficulty removing the two small screws on the left and right (on both sides of the concertina). I'm having the same problem with the finger rests as well, although the screws are a bit larger and I have managed to get one or two of them to budge. Anyone have any tips on how to get those screws out of there? Any input helps... Thanks in advance, Derek
  5. I have a question, since I am in the same boat as Xavier here and would like to buy my first English concertina: Which is better, a 48 button Stagi (could possibly pick one up for $500-$800), or one of the Jack/Jackie concertinas ($300-$415)?
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