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  1. Wolf, do you have the thumb straps in the ''original'' position or have you moved them? Don
  2. Hello Mickael The Hohner is pretty low quality. I'm selling my Jackie English concertina. I can sell it to you for 200 Euros. It is in perfect ás new' condition. It has a great reputation as a starter concertina. I'm selling with a view to upgrading to a vintage concertina. Here is the 'Jackie'website http://www.concertinaconnection.com/jackie-jack.htm Best wishes Donald
  3. For sale 'Jackie'' concertina. As new. 200 pounds or equivalent With gig bag and tutor. Selling with a view to buying a vintage concertina. PM me if interested. Donald
  4. Wanted. 20 key Bb/F or B/F# anglo. Needed for accompanying my singing. Donald
  5. The suggested way of making basic triads such as C-E-G on English concertina seems to be to use one finger for 2 buttons (in this case for the C and G). I'm finding it really difficult to do that on my Jackie concertina (using 3 fingers equally or more difficult). I haven't had access to other concertinas so I'm wondering if the problem is me or something to do with the buttons on the Jackie. Any help welcome
  6. Lots of really interesting and helpful points. I've pretty much worked out chord formation but can't quite work out the rhythm. Dana - in terms of 'short vamping style'' - how would that be applied to say this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTl0NcTnk4U
  7. Would anyone be kind enough to transpose the Alf Edwards accompaniment on 'All for me grog' or 'John Barleycorn'?
  8. How does the 'logic'/'fluidity' of the English work?
  9. Steve, in what way would the English be easier?
  10. Thanks again for the very useful replies
  11. Thanks for the replies. Daniel, in what way does the anglo lend itself to bigger chords?
  12. What would you say are 'duet specific capabilities'?
  13. It seems that most fok who accompany their own singing on concertina (that's what I want to do, mainly folk songs) play the EC. Is the EC better suited for song accompaniment and if so - in what ways?
  14. I'm a complete beginner to concertina (or any other instrument) although I sing. Getting my first concertina very soon. I've done some reading and would like to learn the 'harmonic' style. Would this book be good for a complete beginner or should I try something else first?
  15. Thanks for the info. What kind of reeds would need lots of air?
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