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  1. Thanks for your interest everyone, this concertina has now been sold.
  2. Hi JD, thanks for the email, I have sent a quick response to you. The reason I am selling the concertina - basically I dont have the time to learn and play it anymore. I have been playing the flute all my life, but I always loved the concertina, and really enjoyed this concertina having upgraded it from my first concertina which cost £100 and sounded like a mouth organ!!!! I cant justify leaving this instrument unplayed, and I would really love for it to be purchased by a musician rather than a dealer. I really am open to offers as I am not sure how much this instrument should be valued at, and I think I may have paid too much for it. But I assure you it is a lovely playing concertina. Hope this helps a little.
  3. I would like to get £2600, but I would consider any price offered. (I should have mentioned it is advertised on the Irish Concertina web site too.)
  4. 38 key Anglo Crabb serial number 18485 for sale. Based in Northern Ireland, and I can meet anyone wishing to try it out. It is in great condition, and comes in original Crabb Case.
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