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  1. .... back to the thread! - any interest in the concertina for sale? Please PM me if you want any further info. Cheers!
  2. Hello. I bought this Lachenal semi-miniature Anglo at auction, serial number 184131 a year ago, and am now looking to sell it on. It is in remarkably good condition for its age, and would make a superb collector's piece. Please note that it plays one octave higher than a standard C/G, so would not be suitable for day-to-day social playing. Please see the attached document for a much fuller description, including a detailed condition report, and a layout and frequency table; and don't hesitate to pm me (dockerthom@gmail.com) for more info and pics. I am looking for reasonable bids (in pounds sterling only, please) for this remarkably beautiful instrument. Donation to CNet if sold through here. Very many thanks. Lachenal 184131.docx
  3. I'm Thom from the Bradford sessions. But I'm not tall, and I don't play the fiddle or the bagpipes. I think Dr Sleep is thinking of my friend Brian Tilley - he will certainly get those tunes started - if you let him! Oh and thankfully, neither of us look like Steve Howe!
  4. Played this box yesterday. Nice restored model, but very over-priced. £1000 to £1200 more like.
  5. Hi - I don't think it's just the number of folds, but also the suppleness of the bellows: my Jeffries 6-fold extends to 12 inches, whilst my Lachenal 6-fold only extends to 10 inches. Meanwhile, my Marcus 7-fold extends to 14 inches. If you divide these by the number of folds (actually, the channels - so a 6-fold has 7 channels),then the Marcus is best at 1.75 inches per fold, and the Lachenal worst at 1.43 inches. Each of these boxes is fully played in. .... but a very experienced mate of mine makes a valuable point - that learning to play with limited air is a very good discipline: you don't just waste air on bass chords, but you choose your harmonies carefully.
  6. ....you say you already have an English Marcus. I know it's over your budget, but their standard Anglo is an excellent box at just over £1500. You need to be sure of what keys you would like. CG is the standard, but in my session club and Morris side, it's GD that you would need. That puts the price up, I'm afraid. I did pick up a 1920s 26B Lachenal in GD for £800 about a year ago, but it's a bit basic.
  7. Docker


    ...to the gentleman who wrote privately to me on the above topic ... I did not get the message. please note my email is thomgorst@hotmail.com thank you
  8. Hi I'm in Bath and am earnestly looking for a Dipper in G/D. What key is your beautiful box in? thomgorst@ hotmail.com
  9. Docker

    D/g Wanted

    I have been the proud owner of a G/D Marcus over the last year. It goes everywhere with me, and I have to say it is a joy to play. I use it in sessions with much more experienced players, who all compliment it, and I also use it for outdoor Morris dancing. It is fast and light on the touch, and has the feel of a thing of quality.
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