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  1. First concertina arrived yesterday, book due today, will book The Ham Marquee tomorrow!
  2. I think it appropriate that I say a big thank you to everyone who has given their thoughts and ideas on this topic. For a complete ignoramus on the subject it has been helpful, to say the least. There seemed so many pros and cons for and against either tuning that in the end, for me, it boiled down to my preference for the sound and, perhaps, a bit more versatility that comes with a c/g. So I am now the proud owner of a Lachenal c/g and very happy I am too! Thank you again, Ollie
  3. One final question, if I may, and then I think I will be able to rest easy. On the basis that I've been playing a D/G melodeon, albeit with a third full row of accidentals, am I right in thinking that it would be far more intuitive to play a G/D concertina than a C/G or am I missing something?
  4. This is really interesting and I think going some way to allaying my worries. Personally I prefer the pitch or sound of the G/D, plus I accompany a fiddle quite a bit on the box and suspect a G/D would be better than a C/G for this reason. though I am more than ready to be corrected.
  5. Perhaps I should post this under Teaching and learning but I have a dilemma with which I would really like some help. I have played the Melodeon for some years, (D/G/Acc) eighteen bass Handry, and am about to venture into the world of Anglo Concertina. I play a lot of English but also a bit of anything else and have assumed that the logical thing would be to play a G/D Anglo. To this end I have ordered a new Marcus. BUT the vast majority seem to play the C/G for which, I am sure, there is good reason. With regards to Marcus it is not too late to change my order so my question is what are the arguments for or against? I am aware that there are some good box players lurking on these forums and would greatly appreciate their, as well as everybody else's, views. Thank you in advance. Confused.
  6. Which begs the question: Am i doing the right thing, just because I play the melodeon, going for a G/D rather than a C/G? perhaps I should start another thread.
  7. Hi Everyone, I don't know if I'm crossing over to or from the dark side but I've been playing the Melodeon for some years and have just ordered a G/D Anglo from Marcus Music. Although this won't arrive till after the New Year I was hoping for some advice on publications and CD's that I should be looking for in preparation. I currently play in sessions and also accompany a Fiddle quite a bit playing mainly English but also an eclectic mix of virtually anything else. I would like to learn to play using chords and harmony and, if it's relevant, when playing the melodeon I very much play across the rows. I can read music quite well having (in a previous life) got to grade eight Trumpet but lately have pretty well weaned myself off sheet music (not before time) and now tend to play and learn by ear. Bearing in mind it's a G/D that I'll be playing what would people suggest. I'm open to any and all suggestions as I admit to close to total ignorance about Concertinas. Ollie
  8. Thank you all for your help (some of it by PM). I've just ordered a new Marcus so will start loitering around these forums after I take delivery in the New Year. Ollie
  9. I am hoping to find a suitable anglo concertina that fills the following criteria; Second hand in decent condition up to £1500. G/D Concert pitch (A=440). Min 6 fold bellows. Min 30 buttons. Something like a Morse, Marcus etc. My situation is that I've been playing the Melodeon for a few years and want to try to add another string to my bow. I play in sessions quite a lot and also accompany a fiddle player fairly often so something that could just about hold it's own in a session but equally is not going to drown out a fiddle would be ideal. I live in South Wales but obviously would be happy to travel a reasonable distance for the right sounding thing. I await the avalanche of offers.......! Ollie
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