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  1. Found this guy Jeff Lefferts that has some fun duet stuff http://www.youtube.com/user/JeffLeff/videos Check out his slightly surealistic "Baby Elephant Walk" video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpVOOmmQA5Q 8-)
  2. Wow thanks a lot, sounds like what I'm looking for. Been playing around with everything from Bellman (18th-century Swedish songwriter) and simpler Swedish stuff to simple American folk tunes like "Tom Dooley", none of it very well but I see the potential. I've been playing every day which isn't something I've done with an instrument for a long time.
  3. In case someone needs any.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Concertina-Parts-Set-of-5-Bone-Buttons-/111207587400?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item19e47d1e48
  4. Thanks, the thing is the Concertina Connections duet, the Elise http://www.concertinaconnection.com/elise.htm cost the same as the Rochelle so maybe that would be a fun alternative.
  5. How do Duet concertinas compare to Anglos and English?
  6. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I can't try any of these out without traveling outside of Sweden but the Rochelle seems to be the best choice. I'll see what Santa has to say about it :-)
  7. How about the Wren Student Concertina? http://www.irishmusik.com/the-wren-student-concertina/ video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhLtw5YZJmU
  8. Thanks ceemonster for the interesting tips :-)
  9. The cheap 20 button Anglo I just bought is already tearing at the bellow joins so I'm thinking of getting myself something better for Christmas. What do you guys think, a 30 button Rochelle from the Concertina Connection or maybe something from Stagi? Any other suggestion for the under £500 range?
  10. I added an extra hole to my handstraps last night so I could pull the tighter and wow did that make a difference :-) Much easier to work the bellows now.
  11. It was really fun watching the three different styles, especially the South African one.What model of Concertina did the SA have, it's almost round!
  12. Well I was thinking of the the later 19th century shillingtryck songs (cheap ballad sheets) which would be quite suited for concertina and one would think that a Swedish sailor or two would have played one.
  13. Hmm, strange that the concertina wasn't used more.
  14. Thanks, yeah I've started to figure out working the opposite sides of the instrument. Is it correct to pull out the concertina first with the help of the thumb button so you start with full bellows? What other function does the thumb button have Is the fan-technique the best way to pump air? Do I need to treat the bellow joints so they are more supple? I bought a rather cheap concertina and although the buttons work okay and as well as the sound I'm beginning to wonder if the bellows are too stiff. I do know I have to change the hand straps.
  15. Thanks, I'm up north in Härnösand. The Scandinavina Squeeze-in in April looks like it could be fun http://www.nonce.dk/SSI/
  16. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find more information about the conceritina in Sweden. Was it called something other than concertina? I've looked in the National Library catalog but I can't find anything. Found this old website http://www.concertina.se/ but there isn't much left of it.
  17. Hi all, another newbie to the Concertina world with a 20 button Anglo. I'm fairly good at playing by ear and have already starting to pick out a few melodies but what I'm having trouble with is how to work the bellows properly. So, any video tutorial recommendations?
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