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  1. Hi all, I’m auctioning off my used but in good condition Rochelle (Anglo, 30 Keys) with softcase and tutor book (just uppgraded to the Wren) The starting price is 1900 Swedish kronor, about €183 / £152 / $200. Tradera is the Swedish equivalent to ebay but it’s open to international bidders and has English. Apart from safer payment options the postage I can offer becomes MUCH lower. Check it out at https://www.tradera.com/en/item/210406/533340986/30-key-anglo-concertina-rochelle
  2. "But maybe owlgal is thinking of a sort of combination, such as a weekend (or week, or series of evenings, or...) where several individuals each build their own instruments from supplied parts/kits under the watchful eye and direction of an "instructor"? I believe there's an annual event in England for doing just that with melodeons, but I haven't yet heard of one for concertinas." That's exactly what I mean :-) I also just received the repair manual book which will be interesting reading.
  3. Has there ever been a building course or thoughts of one? I've look through Bob Tedrows great photo series http://hmi.homewood.net/twitterzephyr/ on how to build one so I know it's fairly complicated.
  4. Thanks all, I like taking a week off in May-July to go do something and it's nice to know that there are some concertina alternatives.
  5. Are there any concertina courses (a weekend or longer) held in Europe/US during the summer?
  6. All good ideas. What I was thinking was a general collection thread so people know what books are out there. :-)
  7. Tutor books and general fact books about concertinas.
  8. Is there a book thread in the forum? If not I can start one :-)
  9. The straps just seemed to make it easier to pull the concertina out of a tight case. The Rochelle always stretches bit but maybe that's okay?
  10. There is some slight buzzing with one or two notes of my Rochelle, is this something that I can adjust myself or..?
  11. Well, I received my Rochelle last week and wow! what a difference! The buttons handle more smoothly (and are smaller), the bellow is SO much easier to draw. The only thing I'm missing are the snap-on side-straps that my other concertina has but you can't get everything..
  12. I think the 1a-10 part is described here http://jodykruskal.com/tune_of_the_month/fly_around_assets/Concertina_tab_explaination.pdf but the layout is a bit different. I think that this is what Owlgal is looking for: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=15290 Thanks!
  13. Oooh this looks great. Which tutor books uses this tablature system?
  14. How to drive parents up the wall, give their child this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDZJWWcJnXA
  15. Not to dampen the discussion but I ended up ordering a Rochelle, I was in luck that the Concertina Connection got in a used, 2nd gen. One of the main reasons (apart from the price $385 with postage) is that there are more teaching materials available for a 30-button Anglo than for a Hayden Duet. But who knows what the future holds..
  16. Well, it's settled now. Just ordered a used Rochelle 2nd gen with all the trimmings from the Concertina Connection.
  17. http://www.redcowmusic.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=104_110&product_id=491 Anyone tried this one? Searched the forum and nothing showed up. Nothing much showed up on Google either, Maybe a rebrand?
  18. What an interesting debate. Much food for thought. What I do need is more minor notes and I'd get that on a 30-button Anglo, right?
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