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  1. A drop of ordinary white wood glue or hide glue should work. Be sure to position the pad so that it seats properly before applying the glue and let it dry fully.
  2. Here's the video posted by the seller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTWe4Kld-xo The uploader is Davy Levine, so maybe David Levine has some inside information on this sale.
  3. Here are a few Anglo fingering charts that I put up a little while ago: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16286&hl=
  4. Here is the Concertina Library's page on Maccann duets: http://www.concertina.com/maccann-duet/index.htm Here is their page on Crane duets: http://www.concertina.com/crane-duet/index.htm
  5. In the U.S., your best bet would probably be The Button Box or one of the makers/repairers on this forum.
  6. Where are the original thumbstraps? Do you still have the brackets and screws? You might also want to remove your button labels from the ends and take new pictures - the current picture shows a concertina I would avoid unless the price was very low.
  7. Agreed - not at all the same tune: X: 223 T:Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be % Nottingham Music Database S:Trad, via EF M:6/8 K:G Bc|"G"d3 d3|"G"dBg dBG|"Am"c3 c3|"D7"cAB cBA|"G"d3 d3|"G"dBg dBG|\ "Am"EAc "D7"BcA|"G"G4|| P:V 1 Bc|dBc dBc|dBg dBG|cAB cAB|cAB cBA| dBc dBc|dBg dBG|EAc BcA|G4|| P:V 2 Bc|dB/2c/2d/2B/2 gB/2c/2d/2B/2|dB/2c/2d/2B/2 e/2d/2c/2B/2A/2G/2| cA/2B/2c/2A/2 aA/2B/2c/2A/2|cA/2B/2c/2A/2 a/2g/2f/2e/2d/2^c/2|\ dB/2c/2d/2B/2 gB/2c/2d/2B/2| dB/2c/2d/2B/2 e/2d/2c/2B/2A/2G/2|EAc BcA|G4||
  8. Hello Derek, I keep on the G row for this, except for the G itself which I play on the D row draw using the middle finger. As for shifting up the row for the high notes, I do that constantly. Hope this helps!
  9. This really annoys me - it's obviously there to justify including the string "Jeffries Wheatstone Lachenal" in the title so that it will show up in searches for those makers. This guy seems to thrive on deception.
  10. That makes sense. Sounds like you're well on the way to having it sorted!
  11. 1900 (approximate) Jeffries Anglo, 31-key, 6" across the flats, 25 year old 6-fold Dipper bellows, 77 seconds.
  12. Agree with Chris about the possibility of debris trapped near the root. Hold the reed assembly up to a light and make sure you can see light all the way from tip to root on both sides.
  13. Great idea! If I make it back up to New Hampshire next month, I will be playing for at least one Maypole dance as well and will likely use Zelda at least once.
  14. OK, having just gotten my Jeffries back, I'm just starting to tackle this tune. My solution is similar to Jody's, except that I play all three notes on the draw. Using Jody's button numbering from post #52, I play: F = R4a middle finger, E = R4 ring finger, D = R3 first finger, then back to E on R4 with the ring finger and so on. I don't use my little finger in this run because it's about 3/8" short due to an accident and shifting my hand to use the above fingering works better for me here.
  15. Very nicely played and sung - highly enjoyable!
  16. Many thanks, Wolf and Mike! I agree with trying new things, I intend to broaden my Anglo horizons, both in terms of keys and genres.
  17. Well, I've given the English system a pretty serious try over the last two weeks and have made some progress - certainly more than I ever had on previous attempts. However, it became apparent that it would take a considerable amount of time and work to get to a level I would be comfortable with, and I'm already well past that level with the Anglo, which I've played for over 20 years. With my current health issues (and uncertain longevity) I decided that I would rather spend my available time making satisfying music rather than starting over again from near zero. My decision was also predicated on the 14-day return policy at the Button Box, which in my case expired today. So in two days time, I will be back where I started three weeks ago - less the money I spent on all the shipping of concertinas!
  18. No, but I am going back to Anglo - the Wheatstone is being returned to the Button Box and my G/D Jeffries is on its way back to me.
  19. Well, the C/G Anglo has its rows a fifth apart whereas the G/C melodeon's rows are spaced a fourth. When you also consider that the Anglo has the higher pitched row innermost and the melodeon has the lower row innermost, you really are comparing apples to oranges. Not to mention that the Anglo needs both hands to cover the core two octaves...
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