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  1. You haven't lived until you've had the full Hot Meat experience: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61700296/index.html Illustrated by the incomparable Bill Brown of the Foggy Bottom Morris Men. This was reconstructed from the browser cache of an old laptop after Nick passed away and his website was shut down. As far as I know, it doesn't exist anywhere else.
  2. http://youtu.be/B9h9p-vZv3k Start watching at 15:47.
  3. The problem with cinch straps is the plastic loop that they loop through - if it breaks, the strap fails in an instant and dumps your instrument. A fabric belt, with a little stretch in it, that wraps around the case twice and sticks to itself with adequate velcro panels is about as strong as you can get and is about as failsafe as you can get for minimal cost.
  4. A simple cloth strap with a few inches of velcro on each end works just fine. If passed through the handle when attached, it cannot slip off the side of the case. Also, it can't catastrophically fail without warning like a plastic buckle can.
  5. If the instrument isn't snug in the case, it will likely suffer more damage if dropped - much like loose safety belts or crash helmets can lead to greater injury than tight ones. You want to avoid a secondary impact inside the case.
  6. If you wish to try opening the instrument up, there are good illustrated instructions here: http://www.accordionrevival.com/Home.php
  7. When I played Anglo, I did it all the time. If you think of the buttons themselves independent of hand position then it becomes natural to shift your hands and use all fingers to best advantage.
  8. Jim, going to miss this one for medical reasons, sent you an email with more info. See you next time!
  9. Wolf, it's not Jim's job to pat anyone on the back. His responsibility is to organize the tunes and themes for each month, do the polling, create the new threads, etc. Otherwise, he's just like any other member and has the right to comment or not comment on any post, including submissions here. If you're upset that he has commented on both of my meager submissions, you should be aware of two things: 1) Jim has been trying to get me to contribute to TotM for about a year and a half - ever since I became active here again; 2) Jim and I have known each other personally for about 15 years and have played together many times, we have several dozen mutual friends in the U.S. Morris, Contra, English Country, and folk dance scene. Your initial post on this subject really comes across as a personal attack, or at least a public shaming. It does not do you any justice and unfortunately has lowered your standing in my eyes. You state that Jim's failure to personally acknowledge your individual submissions has made you question wether you should continue with TotM. In light of that, let me ask you this: what effect do you think your public shaming of Jim has had on him? What if he no longer feels justified in organizing the Tune of the Month? I have to say that I'd rather lose the postings of one member, no matter how enjoyable, than lose the TotM - which Jim has worked so hard to bring about.
  10. Direct link to the PDF for Polka de l'Ase: http://www.fichier-pdf.fr/2014/06/25/polka-de-l-ase/polka-de-l-ase.pdf For those who prefer ABC: X:1 T: Polka de l'Ase C: Version J. Vayssade & M. Bernard L: 1/16 M: 2/4 K: G D2|:B2>^A B2>G|A2E2 E4|A4 B2A2|GFGA B2D2| B2>^A B2>G|A2E2 E4|A2BA G2F2|1G6 D2:|2G6 d2| |:B2d2 G2d2|cdcB A2d2|c2d2 A2e2|dedB d2d2| B2d2 G2d2|cdcB A2d2|cdcB A2B2|1G6 d2:|2G6 D2| |:B2>^A B2>G|A2E2 E4|A4 B2A2|GFGA B2D2| B2>^A B2>G|A2E2 E4|A2BA G2F2|1G6 D2:|2G6 FG| K: D |:A2A2 A2B2|ABAF A2d2|c2dc B2G2|B4 A2FG| A2A2 A2B2|ABAF A2d2|c2dc B2c2|1d6 FG:|2d6 d2| K: G c2>A c2e2|d2>B d2AB|c2dc B2A2|G6 D2| |:B2>^A B2>G|A2E2 E4|A4 B2A2|GFGA B2D2| B2>^A B2>G|A2E2 E4|A2BA G2F2|1G6 D2:|2G6|]
  11. Yes, but with zero bids - doesn't appear to have sold.
  12. Thanks! I'm afraid that if I picked up an Anglo right now, I'd be all thumbs - even though it's only been a couple of months.
  13. I like it! Sometimes I wonder if the dancers even notice what we're playing - Nick and I would sometimes do crazy things like one playing Shepherd's Hey while the other simultaneously played Keel Row, etc. and nobody ever said a thing about it.
  14. My first effort here was pretty rough, and I promised at the time I would make a better recording before the end of the month. In typical fashion, I've waited until the last minute, but here it is: https://soundcloud.com/sqzbxr/packingtons2 Played AABB, twice through on my 1892 (estimated) Lachenal New Model extended treble concertina. Recorded on an iPhone 5s using TwistedWave.
  15. That photo looks like the right hand side, but upside-down on the table. That gives the core 15 buttons, 2 more at the top, 1 more at the bottom, and 1 in the middle closer to the handrest.
  16. Ken - as an Admin, can you lock this forum and make it read-only?
  17. Absolutely correct - you ran your theory up the flagpole of public opinion and he saluted as he saw fit. He appears to have provided us with much more meat for his refutation than you have for your speculation. Care to provide more details? Rod, on 24 Jul 2014 - 3:15 PM, said: Here again pure speculation on a system (and those who play it) in the same paragraph where you freely admit to having zero personal experience with it! I'm finding it pretty difficult to take you seriously at all based upon these two posts...
  18. Care to elaborate on your sources for this, or is it just more speculation on your part? One really has to wonder why concertinas were made in so many different ranges if they were meant to be only played as an unaccompanied solo instrument.
  19. I play both systems, no problem. I have played Anglo for nearly 20 years and switched to English a few months ago. My motivation for doing so was the desire to play classical music and not playing for Morris any more. I have adapted to the English system relatively quickly and painlessly, certainly a much less steep learning curve than the Anglo was. I play both systems by ear and by written music.
  20. Have a look at pages 71 - 75 in this catalog: http://www.ohiotravelbag.com/PDF/P-214_Hardware-Finished_Goods_Catalog-web.pdf
  21. Here's my preferred Rheingold: http://imslp.org/wiki/Das_Rheingold,_WWV_86A_(Wagner,_Richard)
  22. An organ score for March from Scipio is available in PDF format here: http://imslp.org/wiki/Scipione,_HWV_20_(Handel,_George_Frideric) Use the index on the left - score is public domain. A direct link to the PDF is here: http://javanese.imslp.info/files/imglnks/usimg/4/4b/IMSLP318806-PMLP44850-haendel_hwv_020_scipio_marsch.pdf ABC is available here: http://abcnotation.com/tunePage?a=www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/clare_J/0060
  23. The original poster hasn't been back on this site since May 15th.
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