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  1. Heh. Yes, he definitely has opinions... Look for posts by him in the Ergonomics section of this forum if you want to read more. He was banned from here years ago (and some other forums, from what I understand), undoubtedly because of his combative nature and dead-horse-beating skills. A true evangelist, in the worst sense of the word...
  2. Had one of those in C/G about 20 years ago - quite possibly the worst instrument I have ever owned.
  3. It's a Tedrow concertina, but not Bob Tedrow.
  4. http://youtu.be/2Dfj69HWt3s?list=PLYqKgHEvHK-xMzCGAY-gBmBA87BHETL-_
  5. Check with any tobacconist - those humidifiers are very popular for use in cigar humidors.
  6. A bit more information on the firm: http://www.vintagebanjomaker.com/#/ebblewhite/4569309342
  7. The concertina in the above picture appears to be an English Edeophone. If any of the regular musicians for the side play melodeon, I would strongly suggest going that route.
  8. The deep and rich tone is caused, in part, by the three reeds per note controlled by the stops. The chords and basses on the left hand end make it an accordion. Fingering charts and more information is readily available at http://melodeon.net.
  9. Here's another great rendition, on D/G melodeon: http://youtu.be/nBDEO30RCU0
  10. You should post in your original thread - you do not (or *should* not) start a new topic for each picture you post!
  11. Great clip, Sarah - love the tune and the tone of your Wheatstone! There is a great performance of this by Joe Derrane on 'Planetsqueezebox' - The Boys of Ballinafad/The White Petticoat.
  12. Nice clip, Jim - That's Curt Harpold playing the introduction on his Dipper in D/A.
  13. Since I switched to English system this year, I had to reach back into the Wayback Machine to get an Anglo clip to submit: 'Old Peculier' by Peter Kleeman, a proprietary dance by the Albemarle Morris Men. Although not the first tune I ever learned on Anglo (I was into ITM in the early days) it is the first tune I learned to play in the harmonic English style. Played on a 32-key Lachenal Anglo in C/G that had just arrived from the Button Box. The clip is pretty sloppy, it was recorded on a phone camera propped up on a music stand immediately after unboxing the instrument for the first time. http://youtu.be/aC8UmdBZ0h0 A special bonus for those who are interested in the difference in sound between true concertina reeds and accordion reeds, here is a clip from the same time played on a Morse Céilí in C/G: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLji2HJIz2M
  14. Brandon, score is available for viewing or download here: http://imslp.org/wiki/Gnossiennes_(Satie,_Erik)
  15. ABC for Crested Hens: X:1 T:Crested Hens T:Les Poules Huppees M:3/4 L:1/8 R:waltz Q:110 O:Gilles Chabenat 1983, France C:bourrée/waltz K:Edor |:"Em"E3 GFE|B4 Bc|"G"dc Be dc|"D"dc BA GF|"Em"E3 GFE|B4 Bc|"D"dc BA GA|"Em"B3 G FD| E3 GFE|B4 Bc|"G"dc Be dc|"D"dc BA GF|"Em"E3 GFE|B4 Bc|"D"dc BA GA|"Em"B4 ef| gB Bg gB|"C"=c4 ef|"D"gf ag fe|"B7"^d2 e2 f2|"Em"gB Bg gB|"C"=c4 ef|"D"gf ag fd|"Em"e3 e ef| gB Bg gB|"C"=c4 ef|"D"gf ag fe|"B7"^d2 e2 f2| "Em"gB Bg gB|"C"=c4 ef|"D"gf ag fd|"Em"e3 G FA:|
  16. So... did you join this forum just to troll?
  17. Took about a minute to find this: http://www.goldingyoung.com/Lot/?sale=BC170914&lot=271&id=424622 Still no excuse for not posting the full link with the announcement; it's not only common sense, it's common courtesy.
  18. The seller hasn't logged onto this site since the day he posted this over a month ago.
  19. So why not at least contact the maker of your Morse and discuss the issues you are having with it? http://www.buttonbox.com/
  20. Easy enough to find from his home page: http://www.midnight-court.com/concertina-maps.html
  21. There is a thread here by the author himself you might find useful: http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=15186
  22. Is the distance from the bottom flat (not the pin) to the center of the hole on the new buttons the same as the old? Were the new buttons checked for adequate chamfering of the holes, especially where used on short levers? Were the felt bushings and spacers replaced with new? Any one of these could cause one or more levers not to return fully causing their reeds to sound constantly. Definitely get it checked out by someone who knows what they are doing.
  23. Notemaker, Not quite sure what your purpose is in hijacking Ben's listing here, but you're way out of line. If you don't want to buy a vintage concertina, then don't. But if your purpose is to publicly shame Ben into dropping his price through spurious and ignorant accusations, then you are even more out of line. Personally, I don't give much credence on current trends in Irish concertina playing (such as they are) to someone who has made their ignorance of said subject, as well as their ignorance of concertinas in general so painfully clear by their foolish and poorly-considered statements. I do take exception to your groundless accusations against Ben, which undoubtedly are based in the same ignorance and brashness. Don't come in here and start bashing established and respected members unless you have real cause to do so. And if you do, you'd better have a damn good argument and documented proofs before doing so.
  24. DC folk scene has been dealing with me for 20-odd years now, tattoos and loud motorcycles not withstanding.
  25. Correct, but I was referring to the web page with Bill's animations.
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