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  1. I had a Wheatie 21 for many years and it served me very well.  Mostly used it for song accompaniment but it could hold its own when playing along in a rollicking tune session.  One adjustment I made was to slightly reduce the travel of the buttons by placing a second washer on the foot of each.  These I made of leather using a leather hole punch although I think the existing washers were felt.

  2. G'day Gary, I guessed you'd missed it way back.  Posts seem to disappear from view quickly with this current C-net platform.  I'm still enjoying the anglo and even use it in a performance on occasion.  If only I had more time, should have started long ago.


  3. One of our own, Richard Depledge, lost his house on new years eve during the night when the fires swept through Cobargo.  He managed to save his concertina and that's all I think.  The Cobargo Folk Festival, normally coming up soon, has been cancelled this year.  In fact summer was cancelled, the fires took over.


    Les Love, mentioned above, has been loaned a concer and is playing again I hear.


    The fires came through my property just over a week ago but with a month of frequent false alarms we were very well prepared with pumps, hoses and many sprinklers.  My wife Trish and I defended,  just us, the fire brigade couldn't get in because of fallen trees.  We saved our house, our two sheds and all our equipment, vehicles and four concertinas. However all our surrounding bush has tragically burnt, the bush is wrecked.  As well about half of our cut flower plantation was burnt, our livelihood.  Looks like a couple of lean years coming up.  Luckily we are far better off than many and I've still got concertinas to play.



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  4. 4 hours ago, lachenal74693 said:


    "...The online version provides access to the abc files which can be useful for modifying keys to suit other vocal ranges..."


    I had assumed that this meant that folks could 'edit' the ABC and let other folks see the result. If it's copyright, should I

    now remove the ABC from the post?


    Not at all.  The music company isn't worried about this sort of usage but only if someone tries to make money from the song.  So don't go putting it on your next CD or Spotify.

  5. On 12/13/2019 at 1:33 AM, jggunn said:

    Great as always. I would be interested in the bit of history about the accompaniment you mentioned 

    I'm not sure what you mean jg.  I meant that my accompaniment was nothing special, simply melody with a bit of rhythmic chording, but that the history of the rabbit plague might be of interest.


    On 12/13/2019 at 4:09 AM, lachenal74693 said:

    A little information about when and where collected in the following ABC:

    There's some good stuff on that Bush Traditions web site.

    Thanks for posting the ABC file Lach.  There is indeed a wealth of material on Dave Johnson's Bush Traditions website.  I should clarify that the version I've sung which pretty much follows the ABC version is not what was recorded from Basil Cosgrove.  It is Dave de Hugard's own version and there is copyright on this version, not held by Dave but by a music company he used to record with.  Dave asked me to clarify the fact that it is not the original Cosgrove version which is why I pulled the video for editing.  For better or worse it is the de Hugard version which is, as far as I know,  the only one sung in Oz these days with the Cosgrove version forgotten about, except by Dave.

  6. Here's a little song that gives a glimpse into the life of a rabbit trapper during the rabbit plague in Australia.  There's nothing very special about my edeophone concertina accompaniment, pretty straight forward really, but there's a little bit of history if anyone is interested.


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  7. Here's an unremarkable version of Tennessee Waltz on my Wheatstone McCann duet.  I'm still very much a beginner on this instrument which I'm finding quite a challenge so I wouldn't dream of posting on the current duet recordings thread.  Certainly have enjoyed all those recordings by some great players, something to aspire to.  There have been quite a few postings of videos lately in a range of styles, it's been a treat.  Just waiting for a female player to do something. 



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  8. A year or so ago I decided to find out what all the fuss was about and acquired an anglo concertina, a lovely bright Kensington.  I haven't had the time or sometimes the energy to devote to learning but early on I was fortunate to be given a couple of Gary Coover's books and they have been a great help and inspiration.  You provide a wonderful resource with all your books Gary, well done.  I'm still learning of course, make lots of mistakes, don't go beyond C & G except for a little bit in D but I do enjoy playing Kenny.  So here's a little song for you Gary and All, to wave the flag a bit for the anglo.



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  9. On 6/20/2019 at 8:44 AM, Aldon Sanders said:

    Thanks Steve. You get a nice groove on your EC! Totally enjoyed that video!



    Thanks Aldon, Just listened to Bill & his Comets & the sax riff & worked it out.

    15 hours ago, soloduet said:

    Very well done, with a good balance between the voice and the concertina. What kind of equipment do you use for the sound and the video?


    G'day Didie, I simply use a Sennheiser Mk4 condenser microphone carefully positioned so as not to let the concer overpower the vocal.  The video was recorded with an ipad and the audio recorded simultaneously on the desktop using the Cooledit program.  All edited with imovie on a macbook with the Cool edit mp3 dubbed into the video's muted audio.

    9 hours ago, David Barnert said:

    see below


    9 hours ago, David Barnert said:

    Nice playing, by the way. I always worry when I don’t see something new from you in a while. 

    Thanks David, it's nice to know someone worries about me.  No need to worry though, I've been very busy these last couple of years with work, life, health issues (nothing life threatening) and also grappling with anglo and duet concertina systems.  Some videos to follow.

  10. It's been a while since I posted any videos so here's one out of the blue.  I have been very busy these last couple of years so haven't been very active on Cnet although I've lurked a bit.  Don't have much to say regarding things concertina, just like to play the blooming thing.  So here's a video.  I do a fair bit of busking with the help of my puppets, fundraising for charity, and this is one in my repertoire. The puppets are a great hook for busking. I like to play stuff that's not normally done with concertina and we were all having so much fun, got carried away and sped up a bit at the end.  




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