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  1. will do! if you want to send me your email I'll forward along to you if Zak gets back to me.
  2. Hi, I've been playing a Hayden system Peacock for years and want to explore a duet system with more sharps and flats. Please be in touch if you have a beginner/intermediate level Crane to sell. Thanks! Joshua joshuamarcusgreenberg@gmail.com
  3. Hi! Great condition Morse. The second one I've owned. These instruments are made with such great craftsmanship in Sunderland Mass. I bought it used last year, on a bit of a discount as there is one wear mark from the previous owner's nail? In any event I paid $1950, looking for 1700. Willing to negotiate. Comes with fitted black case. Pictures attached. Will email more if you like Feel free to contact me here, or at this email for more pics: envfolkcd@gmail.com
  4. This one has rounded metal buttons. $2500 obo. email me at joshuamarcusgreenberg@gmail.com.
  5. Hi All, So several months ago I made the switch from English to the Duet. I purchased a flawless used Peacock Special ($2900 new) from the Button Box in November- It is in excellent condition and plays wonderfully, but I miss my Baritone English. The Hayden system is fantastic for playing pretty straightforward tunes and easily lets me accompany groups, but I miss all of the accidentals and lower bass notes. For Sale is a Concertina Connection Peacock Duet Special. Below are the Specs from Wim Wakker's site. FYI Wim will accept this instrument in the trade-up program- it goes with the instrument, not the owner. Comes with a hard case. $2500. Will split shipping. The Peacock is a 42 key hybrid Wicky (Hayden without the keyboard slant) duet concertina designed and developed by the Concertina Connection® Inc.. The instruments measures 7 inch across the flats. The Standard and Special models are available with ebonized (black) or natural finished ends.The custom is available in a variety of harwoods. Peacock special: standard natural finish with "Wakker" bellows Specifications for all Peacock Wicky/Hayden duet models: Italian hand made accordion reeds traditional riveted brass action traditional hand made brass end bolts and inserts traditional flat top or domed metal capped buttons bushed key holes and action leather 6 fold bellows hardwood ends, frames, action boards and reed pans
  6. I'd also be willing to sell it for $300 plus the shipping of your choice.
  7. I've upgraded to a peacock duet and would love to trade my Elise duet for your Jack baritone concertina. I'll even pay for all of the shipping in the US. Its in great working order, and comes with a case and tutor. Crossing my fingers!
  8. Hey don. I think we emailed a few months back. I'm still looking to trade my Elise duet for one of these. Any chance you've changed your mind?
  9. Hi Johanna, It's a Morse Albion English Baritone. Excellent Condition. Button Box Sells them used for $2150. I'd like to get $1900 if possible so I can afford the jump up to the Peacock...and make a contribution to Cnet. Open to Negotiations. Please let me know.
  10. Thanks- I've seen those listings. I'm hoping to buy one used, or to trade my Morse plus some cash....
  11. Hi, Looking to buy a used or new Peacock Duet. Can pay cash and/or trade Morse Albion Baritone English. joshuafromnj@hotmail.com Thanks!
  12. Excellent Condition Morse Albion Baritone English concertina with hard case bought directly from the Button Box. For sale, $2000, or trade for a hayden duet plus (I'll give you some cash). Looking for a Peacock. I love the Albion, but want to play chords and melody together. Thanks! joshuafromnj@hotmail.com
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