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  1. Hi Rv Mel, Just to give you some background on the Wren student concertina. I came across this forum and I thought I give my two cents. It is a chinese made concertina that I have made many adjustments to over the past year to give it a much higher standard than a normal beginner concertina around the same price range. But the three main differences are 1. It has Italian reeds 2. a longer air button 3. new padded buttons. But really you have to test it for yourself, and you can tell everyone here what you think! Like we offer everybody, there is a 14 day trial period that should give you the time you need to really figure out if it is the concertina for you. If you it's not to your liking I'll refund you all the money and I will personally pay for the return shipping. Either way good look on the concertina hunt. Cheers, Paraic
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