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  1. *Please note this was sold via another website* Lachenal Anglo for sale in North West England Lachenal Anglo 30 key, C/G, bone buttons, steel reeds, new pads, valves, and straps & tuned to concert pitch. Number 192208, wooden ends. It plays really nicely with a good set of reeds. Price £850 ono comes with nice padded Fusilli gig bag. please see pics attached UK only I’m afraid as I’d much prefer collection In person if at all possible, though am happy to pack and for buyer to arrange their own collection service. Donation of course to the forum if it sells through this site.
  2. Hi if you're in lancs then you need Dave Mallinsons North West Morris Tunes Book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mallys-North-West-Morris-Book/dp/1899512047 Not that Southern Softy Cotswold Morris stuff :-)
  3. What's much more important than the pad pressure is, in my experience, the seal around the reedpan, and the seal between the reedpan and the actionboard. The button pressure is tested in my case with the 'kiss test' - after repadding an actionboard I hold the actionboard up to my lips and blow through each hole. Obvious leaks become easily apparent. However, I have long learnt that most apparent leaks coming from the ends are usually nothing to do with the pads (and tightening the pad pressure up is a complete waste of time and makes the instrument unplayable), but rather are related to loose fitting reedpans within endframes, and/or gaps in the seal between the actionboard and the reedpan. Get those sorted and voila!
  4. 16th-22nd August it's Whitby Folk Week - wonderful locations, loads to see and do? And loads of sessions to play. http://www.whitbyfolk.co.uk
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hByeJhZSW8k Any good?
  6. It's got a bit of interest on fleabay, although no bids yet - anyone here interested?
  7. this one.. Hum, yes, a perfect upgrade at around the same money. pm me if interested.
  8. Just put this up on eBay...as I'm not really not playing much these days thought I'd divest myself of some instruments. Starting it at £350 - but looking for a little bit more obviously! As remarked in the listing it could do with new pads and valves at some point in the not so very near future. However, it's airtight (patched and rebound recently) and crucially, it's also in tune. It'd be good little starter concertina, as well as being a nice example of an 1850s Wheatstone. It's brass reeded and with baffles it's not a really loud concertina, so would probably be good for singing accompaniment too? 48K Wheatsone Treble Concertina pic attched
  9. Hi folks I've just put this up on the dreaded eBay...but if anyone is interested from this forum please let me know. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121225273030?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  10. seems to have a mixture of brass & steel reeds. I would suggest it's basically a brass reeded model that has had some steel replacements as the brass ones have broken . This would suggest to me that some of the other brass reeds could also possibly be on the way out too?
  11. I should learn to play another instrument and leave expensive and valuable concertina at home, as far away as possible from damp sea air, salt & brine, and ozone. Just my 2c
  12. Looks good and should go - at only £500 - best of luck with it!
  13. Interested in getting folks opinion on this matter. I've got this lovely old Wheatstone English (circa 1850), with brass reeds and internal wooden baffles. And am considering removing the woodn baffles...they're easy to remove and if necessary re-install (I've already done so in order to clean out some of the muck and crud that over 150 years has managed to find its way into the space between the fretted ends and the baffles). Thing is...would you consider it to be a complete piece of vandalism to remove the baffles completely, as with them removed the reeds have a lot more bite and cut to them? With the baffles in situ the concertina is a bit too quiet for my liking. Samper
  14. Yes I got it and it's a little beauty...going to slap a new set of bellows on soon as my work schedule allows...looking forward to playing it and hearing it sing again! Samp Here's another little pic of the reedpan:
  15. copped for this off fleabay the other day...no doubt I paid too much for it. However...it's in immaculate condition apart from the bellows which is an easy fix. Lovely set of brass reeds, and I just love the early Wheatstone lever arm action!
  16. Is this one a scam? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Vintage-W-Jeffries-English-Concertina-with-Original-Leather-Case-c-1920s-/121191410661?pt=UK_DVD_Film_TV_Autographs_CV&hash=item1c37922be5 Samp
  17. soap and warm water works quite well and then clean off with a scouring cloth, no need to bleach etc
  18. Two fixes, wood or metal. Theo has a good point, the undercut is tricky to maintain. The reed frame however is straightforward proposition. It's just filing off the required amount of relatively soft metal.
  19. Umm...'never'..well I have done so, especially to replace a broken reed tongue etc. It's really nowhere near as scary as I once thought.
  20. I currently have in my possession a Thomas Dawkins EC, Brass Reeded 48K, serial number 17010 and address 6,7,8 Little Warner Street, Clerkenwell, London E.C. Plays really sweetly, But the minute I saw it it simply screamed Lachenal at me. So what date would that be? Sam
  21. Ah that's really interesting and pushes it back about a decade. Plays nice, with a really great set of steel reeds it's really bright and bouncy. I rebound the bellows and put new valves and pads on it and tuned it up and it's great again..not bad for something made around 1880!
  22. Wow - had just ordered this CD a few days ago. I hope he has a great send-off. I can't wait to get my hands on the music! Sam
  23. Yes - one of the best ways to learn is to play those really familiar tunes - sunday school songs, nursery rhymes etc.
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