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  1. You may want to get yourself on a list. They range from 2-5 years if you are looking for a handmade concertina reeded instrument. You might get lucky if you check the for sale forum with a used one. Occasionally The Button Box has a quality concertina reeded instrument. They even had a Dipper for awhile last year. Checking this forum will sometimes turn up a used good instrument. I have also heard some nice things about 7mount concertinas though I have never touched one. And the Clare Concertina Company has come up with a vintage model with concertina reeds, again I don't know anyone who has owned one. My limited experience seems to be with a flock of Dippers here in Chicago, the Conner I learned on, and a couple of Jeffries and Wheatstones I've heard at sessions over they years. These would be a step up from a Morse due to their reeds. I've also heard some nice Lachenal's but their action might not be as fast as your Morse. I have heard good things about the Morse Hybrid's so I assume you are not looking for another hybrid, but rather a step up to concertina reeds, but I may be wrong. I was either lucky or unlucky enough to get my concertina before the hybrids became a thing so I was never tempted to go that route. I'd love to visit that magical shop full of concertinas that I think only lives in my imagination on this continent. I did buy my Connor from Chris Alger years ago, and his shop is the only one I know of that is actually that magical place, but it is out of my driving range so I'll never sit down there. In those days I just called him and told him my needs and my budget and he sent me an instrument that I've enjoyed a great deal for the past two decades. But now there is the internet so you can visually browse at least. Forgive me if I am boring you with information you already know and good luck on your search.
  2. I would wonder if the paint is lead based and therefore a hazard to you if you start to strip or sand it. It may be a better case to look at than it is to use. I would definitely test for lead.
  3. Do you get a c# on the 20 button? I think the accidental row is what is missing if I am correct. If not that will really restrict you on the number of tunes you can play. Perhaps a 26 button would do the trick. In Chicago most sets in sessions require key changes. I have noticed in other locations that is not the case. Every now and then I suggest playing a couple of tunes and someone says, "Those are both in G, lets stick ____ in the middle." And I obligingly say, "Go for it." If you are playing just for yourself or to see if you like the concertina maybe 20 would be ok, but you will be limited in the number of keys you can play in.
  4. I purchased a Conner from Chris Alger years ago sight unseen. He was completely fair in his price and the description of the instrument. As I was in the US, finding a number of instruments to try was out of the question. It has kept me very happy for years.
  5. It is so nice to hear a story of a lost or stolen instrument with a happy ending!
  6. I have a deluxe stagi d/g from the days when I didn't know better. I would like to have a c/g and wonder if the reeds can be changed. It is one of the better stagi's with double reeds and the action is ok. Does anyone do this? thanks
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