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  1. Thanks, That's an interesting technique for the bellows - I will try it out in the morning. Edel Fox is a great player and I will have to watch her bellow technique more closely. Thanks again, Badok88
  2. Year, He was playing it and I couldn't even see the bellows moving. Badok88
  3. Hello, Thanks for your case suggestion Chris - it look like it would ever brake! Thanks also for the suggestions about the music ceemonster I will try them out. Badok88
  4. Hello, I was the one who asked about the concertina. I am glad you got a good price for it. My dad and I were cursing ourselves for not going for the buy it now price. We found anouther one in the end which is brilliant. Badok88
  5. Hello, I would just like to second reaper which I use for recording my guitar with my blue yeti - if you want the recording I did with it just ask. Badok88
  6. I can't seem edit but the Jeffries was squeezecats instrument. I am sure there was a thread on this case but I can't find it anymore. Badok
  7. Also one quick question, What do you think a good case for a concertina would be? A while a go their was an auction for a Jeffries with a brilliant case - does anyone know where I can find one like that? Badok88
  8. Thanks for your idea, Unfortunately my thumbs aren't strong enough to hold the bellows up like like that. Badok88
  9. ohh, Thanks i play guitar so I should of recognized that. Badok88
  10. haha, i am not even sure what it is in the photo! Badok88
  11. Thank you John, I have tried all of these out and I have found that left end on left knee works best for me. Thank you, Badok88
  12. Thank you for your reply's, That's a good idea on the bellows I will try that. I already read music - on my trumpet I am about to take grade 5. I really like the layout of the English system and I have been learning a song called sergeants Cahill. Thanks again for your reply's, Badok88
  13. Hello, I have been learning the Anglo for a while now on an instrument generously given to me by danersen but have unfortunately worn out the bellows by rubbing them against my leg. Then on eBay I found an English for sale and won for the starting price - £299. It is a Lachenal 48 button tutor model but I have some questions about it. Is there anyway I could stop the bellows rubbing against my leg when I play and wearing them out? Would a neck strap help? And also any tips on playing the English would be good as well. Thank you very much, Badok88
  14. Is this still for sale? Badok88
  15. Hello, Just to follow up what wayman said about using an iPhone, if you get a 3.5 to 3.5mm cable you can plug into an amp or some speakers and do it that way. I use this for when I practice the trumpet and its brilliant.
  16. When I was reading the the Christmas tower post I think he said later on that they were 26 button Jeffries. an a flat e flat and a B flat F! So they are not going to be cheap plus I assume you want to play Irish music on a C G.
  17. Thank you for your responses, In the end the wood filler didn't work so we chucked them - they only £10. I have put tape on the holes in the bellows so that should do for now. Badok88
  18. Hello John, Thank you for your idea but I think my mum and I have an idea for the new bellows. What we are going to do is put some wood filler down the holes and screw the end bolts into them. Is this ok? We will then paint the rim so it looks like normal bellows. Cheers, Badok88
  19. Hello, I just bought some concertina bellows for my stagi concertina and unfortunately they don't fit. The with across the sides are the same but it has an extra lip. That is problem number one. The next problem is that holes are too big on the new bellows. Thank you for looking, Badok88
  20. I have also asked for information on this concertina - Sorry didn't see this post.
  21. Sorry just realized, can you post to the UK
  22. Thank you Bill for finding this Hello I am looking for my first concertina to play and I would be interested in this. How much do you want for it? Badok88
  23. Thank you for the warning however I am looking around for a "true" concertina - if I did get a Rochelle I would get the one of Hobgoblin but thanks for the warning - I will watch out. Interesting that they both use the same cases hmmm. Badok8
  24. Thank You for your response I am with my grand parents at the moment - so I cant get to broardstairs for the rest of the week. When I was there I went to a guy (sorry forgotten his name) who was next to Hob Goblin, he showed me lots of Concertinas but they were all out of my price range. Badok88
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