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  1. This concertina has been sold. Donation to the site pending. Thanks
  2. Tim, Does the Jones G/D come with a case? Thanks, Joe
  3. Thanks for the interest. I'm in Charlottesville, Virginia
  4. Edgley #133, Black body, Metal ends, Wheatstone layout, Bright sound, fast action, very good condition with Fuselli soft case. $1700 + shipping. Photos on request.
  5. Yes, it’s still available. I’m currently in Ireland and will be back in the US on September 16. If you have questions you could email me fallonje@yahoo.com or message me through Facebook. Thanks
  6. I have 2 G/D Anglo Concertinas for Sale: 1. Morse Ceili # 1284 (2015), Cherry body, Jeffries layout, excellent condition with original HSC. $1950 + shipping. 2. Frank Edgley #133, Black body, Metal ends, Wheatstone layout, Bright sound with fast action, very good condition with Fuselli soft case. $1700 + shipping. Photos available on request. Thanks, Joe Fallon
  7. Woody, I'm in Charlottesville and very interested in the Herrington. I'll send you a private message.
  8. I have a G/D Edgely Professional 30 button Anglo concertina in excellent condition, Pau Ferro wood, wooden ends, recently overhauled by the maker, for sale or trade. $2000 plus shipping, or might consider a trade for a comparable C/G Anglo or a Morse Albion English concertina in like condition. Pics to follow. Thanks
  9. I came to concertina from a C#/D/G button accordion, playing English and Irish tunes. I knew that most (all?) Irish concertina players were playing C/G concertinas but I also knew I wanted a system familiar to me and a system where I was mostly playing on the right side of the instrument (I'm left handed but have been playing button accordions). I'm content with the D/G system as I only aspire to play at home solo or in the local Irish session as a player in the periphery. Ornamentation is not so important to me.
  10. Hey Matthew, Yes I've seen the Tim Edey melodeon video. He does show that ITM can be played on a D/G button box. I doubt that playing Irish tunes on a G/D concertina is all that unusual, but maybe so.
  11. Folks, I play a G/D Morse Anglo, mostly Irish tunes. I'll be in Ireland June 14-30 and was wondering if anyone knows of any Irish players who play G/D concertinas principally (or at least some) for Irish music. I like to set up a lesson or two if possible. Thanks in advance. Joe Fallon
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