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  1. fallonje

    2 G/D Anglo Concertinas For Sale

    I have 2 G/D Anglo Concertinas for Sale: 1. Morse Ceili # 1284 (2015), Cherry body, Jeffries layout, excellent condition with original HSC. $1950 + shipping. 2. Frank Edgley #133, Black body, Metal ends, Wheatstone layout, Bright sound with fast action, very good condition with Fuselli soft case. $1700 + shipping. Photos available on request. Thanks, Joe Fallon
  2. fallonje

    Herrington square G/D for sale

    Woody, I'm in Charlottesville and very interested in the Herrington. I'll send you a private message.
  3. fallonje

    40-Button Wheatstone Anglo For Sale

    PM sent
  4. I have a G/D Edgely Professional 30 button Anglo concertina in excellent condition, Pau Ferro wood, wooden ends, recently overhauled by the maker, for sale or trade. $2000 plus shipping, or might consider a trade for a comparable C/G Anglo or a Morse Albion English concertina in like condition. Pics to follow. Thanks
  5. fallonje

    G/d In Ireland

    I came to concertina from a C#/D/G button accordion, playing English and Irish tunes. I knew that most (all?) Irish concertina players were playing C/G concertinas but I also knew I wanted a system familiar to me and a system where I was mostly playing on the right side of the instrument (I'm left handed but have been playing button accordions). I'm content with the D/G system as I only aspire to play at home solo or in the local Irish session as a player in the periphery. Ornamentation is not so important to me.
  6. fallonje

    G/d In Ireland

    Hey Matthew, Yes I've seen the Tim Edey melodeon video. He does show that ITM can be played on a D/G button box. I doubt that playing Irish tunes on a G/D concertina is all that unusual, but maybe so.
  7. Folks, I play a G/D Morse Anglo, mostly Irish tunes. I'll be in Ireland June 14-30 and was wondering if anyone knows of any Irish players who play G/D concertinas principally (or at least some) for Irish music. I like to set up a lesson or two if possible. Thanks in advance. Joe Fallon
  8. fallonje

    Edgley Professional 30 Button Gd

    Mike, I've sent you a PM