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  1. I would be very interested in a photo of the action. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Yes, this is my first venture into the world of the Crane Duet. Received it last night. Wonderful sounding instrument. I was already playing a few tunes in under an hour. Played scales going around the circle of 5ths. I got up to 4 flats one way and 3 sharps the other way. Find it a very intuitive fingering system. Strangley, on this Crane, the low C# is tuned to a rumbling low F. Interesting!!! I am wondering if it came from the factory this way and will have to check the Wheatstone journal again.
  3. Thanks Bill. Just purchased it. It's staying in Canada traveling from one coast nearly to the other. Tom and Marla at the Halifax Folklore Centre were awesome to deal with. It's all original with the original case. Not a lot of use on it and has been completely gone through and tuned... what a deal for a pre war raised ebony Wheatstone!!! Will post a detailed review of the instrument after it arrives.
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