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  1. That's exactly my experience too, Geoff. I think when the straps are new, they tend to flex a lot and I've found myself constantly fiddling with them until they get stretched. I've also found the pitch of the holes to be a bit wide and often put an extra one in between. Playing standing up, the adjustment seems to be a lot more critical and it can also take awhile to get a comfortable feel. Adrian A couple things. First if you have nice old straps that have a design on them but they are worn out, you can have the ornamental part cut off and stitched to the back of new straps. I've seen this with a set of old Jeffries Straps. Second, I've made a lot of straps now and confronted others that needed replacing sometimes too soon. What I noticed is that straps cut with the leather grain (parallel to the spine and not from anywhere near the belly ) stretch much less and last much longer. I recently got a set of straps back I'd made only a few years ago that we're starting to crack and tear at the point where they were fastened. The leather in that area showed signs of having stretched a lot. I was surprised because it had been cut from the same piece my straps (which were five years older and showing zero problems), were cut from. The difference was mine were cut with the grain, the faulty ones across it. If you are not sure about your leather, cut a couple narrow strips but perpendicular to eachother. The one with the grain will resist stretching, while the cross grain one will stretch easily in comparison. Leather from the belly area behaves differently and is best avoided for straps. Some leathers like Kangaroo are nearly equally strong in both directions. Others like sheep are very weak cross grain and are best saved for non stress uses.Dana Thank you Dana, Aybee, Geoff and everybody .. My straps are plain ones, no special design on them, so they could be changed without any remorse. First thing is to find the right leather worker and then explain to him all that ... will keep you informed
  2. I found a melodeon and concertina seller (and luthier) on the web, and phoned him. http://morel-accordeons.com/qui_suis_je__045.htm He lives in Bordeaux which is a bit far for me to go, but he gave me good pieces of advice concerning the improvement of my straps : According to him, I could put a velcro on my straps and use the metal buckle to flip it on itself ( difficult to explain pffff ...) and let the copper screw only for decoration. If I can, I will go and visit him. Je ne suis pas allée à Ars cette année, mais j'ai entendu dire en effet, que c'était beaucoup mieux qu'avant !
  3. Thank you Geoff, for your answer. considering the age of the straps, I'm afraid punching new holes would not be wise. Maybe I'll ask a leather worker to help me, you are probably right. But I like the original look and touch of this instrument, and would appreciate not to add something too new, so it's not easy to make up my mind. Maybe I could find on the web such straps to buy ? Catherine PS : bonjour aussi As-tu été à Ars cette année ?
  4. I have a Mc Can duet concertina, very good instrument (I am a beginner). My problem is the following : I feel (and have always felt this way from the very beginning) very uneasy with its straps, find it very boring to settle them, unscrewing and rescrewing ... the holes in the straps are either too near from each other or too far etc : tedious and boring job each time for a dubious result So I'm dreaming, maybe I could get some adjustable straps for my duet, as are found herebove ? on cheap recent ones : http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_0caN5DoH4ko/S7j6mcAdRwI/AAAAAAAAAGE/55ta6TNEvbA/s1600/P1010002.jpg or even as it seems on old ones : http://www.concertinamuseum.com/Images/Concertinas_T-Series/C352c1a.jpg Any information, advice wellcome
  5. Thank you Geoffrey and Jim, I'll try to improve this tune, but obviously I need some more time ...
  6. At last (I had to record separately the 2 parts ..) : Part one : http://youtu.be/GKnhLgiJTfM Part 2 (a bit slower because a bit mor difficult for me !) : http://youtu.be/oakynSNJA0A I'm exhausted ... though not satisfied at all (should have put some rythmics and chords on the left hand ... but for the moment I'm only trying to gain fluency with the position of the notes on the keyboard)
  7. Hello Félix, I'm new with the duet ... and a melodeon player too It is very difficult for me to manage with the concertina : notes are not at all disposed as they are on my melodeon, and are not at all either diposed as they are on a piano keyboard So I agree completely with what Dirge says : it's too complicated comparing both instruments and trying to find correpondances between them ! Maybe I could add something from my own (small !) experience ? Try to play with both hands. As for me, for the left hand I pick the chords which are mentionned on the sheet and and try to select some notes which go well with my right hand, and at the end, sometimes it makes something ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1nusJQbvdI&feature=share&list=PLW1EyKMRItqGwaQ1FctIQsiXbqPKOTGqq
  8. I'm learning the tune, but find it difficult to play it with a"bouncy swing" hahaaaaa ... so maybe I'll possibly record a video before the end of september, but it wil not have a "full flavor" !
  9. Thank you Geoffrey, I'm sure your bad habits are better than mine, so maybe we could organize something, life is long ..
  10. thank you the somerset week end in October seems so great but ... maybe I've not time enough to schedule it properly. their site is very interesting, and I keep the project for maybe next year, or will think about the one in march. The Massachussets américan site is gorgious too, though a transatlantic trip seems a bit complicated to organize ... but who knows ??
  11. Hello, I'm new here, I bought my first (small 39 buttons) duet concertina this august. For the moment, I'm learning by myself, finding it a bit hard (though somewhere exciting), but getting probably bad habits ..but no choice : I'm french and no teacher, nothing round here and I would greatly appreciate to find good advices and good habits, somewhere. So my question is : Is there (in England maybe - or probably ?) such a place (a summer festival for instance), where I could find such a thing ? I know duet concertina is not the most played roundhere, and maybe it will not be easy to find, but maybe somebody could have something to tell me.
  12. "It's got a range of only an octave (A to A in D as written), so most instruments should be able to play it in more than one key." Yes, it's true, and OK for me : I've checked ... now, I've to try and learn !
  13. You mean the notes written out? Oh, so wrong! I very quickly found three different sites with the "sheet". This one even gives a second fiddle (harmony) part and lyrics. Unfortunately (?), you've already voted. Thank you very much for this ! I keep the sheet and maybe will play it some day, when I get better ...
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