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  1. Thanks for that this is a useful link. Might try again tonight... Any suggestions as to what I can glue the leather valves back on with? Might just try a tiny piece of double sided tape...
  2. Thanks for all the replies. It does look (inside at least) like the small Scholer from Alexander Jones video: http://youtu.be/88yCVla_Djg I have cleaned the reeds with paper as suggested and I have made some progress. It does seem a little hit and miss though. (Two that were not sounding now are and one that was sounding now isn't.... ) I will have another go at it and see if I can get all working. Does anyone know of a guide to doing this? I'm not sure how the reeds are meant to be sitting. I.e. flush with the surface? Slightly bent up or down? One of the reeds seems to be hitting the frame that it is set in. It is rattling against the frame as air is pushed through it. Not sure how I correct this. I also removed the small bits of leather, were they important? In have kept them so that I can stick back on if needed. Thanks again for your advice, sorry for my possibly novice questions...
  3. Hello there, (my first post on this forum..) My wife has recently got her hands on a cheap and old anglo concertina. After i did some fixing of it she seems to be getting on ok with it with only a few issues. The main issue is that two of the notes do not sound and one is very, well er..., squeaky! Does any one have any advice for me as to how I can fix the bad reeds? Can I buy replacement ones anywhere? We have been to a couple of music shops looking to buy a fully working replacement but this one is the most comfortable for her hands due to it being small (and her having arthritis). Ideally I want to fix this one rather than replace it. All advice welcome and gratefully received.
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