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  1. I recently bought a 1914 Maccann duet which has a flyer in the case for The Frostina's (sic) - see picture attached. The older girl seems to be playing an 81 button instrument, whilst the younger may be holding the 67 button I now own.

    Anybody know anything about them? I contacted the V&A, but they had nothing on their database.


  2. Thanks for the advice and general thoughts on this topic.

    I have gone over to a Maccann duet now, which seems more comfortable. It is going to take a while to get fluent but, hey, I took up the concertina as a challenge and a project anyway.

  3. Thanks, chaps. Some useful thoughts and advice. I will perhaps try a wrist-strapped instrument and if that doesn't resolve the issue it will be an Anglo. Always up for a new musical challenge anyway.

  4. I have been playing EC for the past 3 years (since I retired) - Lachenal 48 button. All was going well until I developed pains in the thumb joints. I don't know whether the concertina caused the problem, but it is now difficult to play for any length of time.

    So, two questions:

    1. Would wrist/hand straps on an EC help?

    2. Should I take up the Anglo instead? (I've tried a duet but found it unsympathetic)

  5. Can I refer you to my post from a few days ago. I have a rosewood ended, steel buttoned Lachenal English concertina for sale for £1200. I bought it from Chris Algar of Barleycorn 3 years ago and I have greatly enjoyed playing it. I am selling because arthritis in my thumb has made it painful to play.

    I live in York - not so far from you, if you are interested.

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