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  1. I have a Morse Geordie treble and play single notes so I find no problem with air when playing above middle C, but below that it does use a lot of air. I'm looking for something that I can play for singing. No hurry, I shall wait for the right instrument, it will come along when it does :-)
  2. Thanks for those quick responses. I've had a browse to the Hobgoblin site, that one looks nice, commission sale is fine but I think it's a little overpriced for a baritone. The 1858 Wheatstone looks good too, unfortunately we get stung for the VAT and other charges when importing, the GBP is way down in value against the USD at the moment which makes a big difference. I fancy the one at Red Cow, it's the right instrument and a good price, but the price could be a lot lower. VAT is a problem. You might ask why, we all have to pay VAT when we buy stuff. Yes, that's true, but . . . there's always a but VAT is charged on the increase in value. In the case of the commission sale VAT would only be payable on the commission element, and usually the seller would be billed for the commission so the seller would pay the VAT on the commission. I did email Red Cow to ask about the price because on their website it shows the price with and without VAT. As it's a used instrument it qualifies for the VAT Margin Scheme. Why is that important you might ask? Here's how the Margin Scheme works . . . Dealer buys concertina for say £1,000 from private seller. Adds 20% markup, so selling at £1,200 If the normal standard rate VAT is charged then the buyer pays £1,200 + 20% VAT (£240) = £1,440 If the margin scheme is used, then the VAT is only payable on the dealer's margin of £200, so the VAT is £40 and the selling price is £1,240 £200 less cost to the buyer and the dealer makes the same profit. Details are here on the government website. Looking at it another way, VAT was paid on the full price of the concertina when it was sold as new, so when it is resold as a used item the government has already had their VAT, they really are only entitled to VAT on the increase in value, which is the dealer's margin. If the dealer doesn't use the margin scheme then the buyer gets overcharged and the only winner is the government because they collect the VAT again. I emailed Red Cow and suggested they use the Margin Scheme but have not had a response. You might be wondering - yes, my business is VAT registered, so unfortunately I need to know this stuff
  3. I'm looking for a baritone, have been for some time but nothing suitable has yet shown up. My preference is for a Morse. I live in the north west of the UK.
  4. My first attempt at TOTM here goes . . . https://soundcloud.com/alanchard/sherrifs-ride this is played on my Morse English
  5. probably a bit late to say yes, I've been away, still here - I've done a recording here . . . https://soundcloud.com/alanchard/jimmy-allen-on-mayfair-english I accidentally turned off notifications :-0
  6. Oops, I should have said it was English, I've added that and the range to the original post
  7. I purchased my Wheatstone MayFair from Theo Gibb in April 2013 as a complete beginner, I did not know whether or not I would like playing the concertina but felt it was worth getting a decent instrument to start. I've just upgraded to an almost new Morse so the MayFair is for sale to fund the purchase. English, 30 button, G below middle C to C 2 octaves above middle C. I looking for £465 which is what it cost me, and includes courier delivery within the UK. It comes in the original case. If anyone would like photos please let me know and I'll take a selection and post them. I live in Lancaster, not too far from M6 J33, let me know if you want to call and try it out.
  8. Have now posted an ad for my Wheatstone Mayfair in this forum in case anyone is interested
  9. Steve - it's definitely not there now, it's here with me in its new home . . .thanks for the info, it had not been photographed and listed on their website. Dreadful journey over the pennines, really heavy traffic and fog over the top. Now for some fun . . .
  10. Thank you - I'll give them a call and see
  11. I'm looking to move up from my MayFair, so I seek a Morse Albion treble or Geordie tenor, I'm in the north west UK, Lancaster but don't mind travelling to look.
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