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  1. Thanks for the reply's and advice all I'll set about getting it seen too after the bank holiday
  2. Hi All I'm wondering if anyone can direct me to a good restorer in my area (Cheshire / NW) to overhaul a 48 key English Lachenal - Its turn of the century from what I can gather (c. 1898) probably needs a retune to Concert pitch and a couple of the buttons need a seeing to Thanks Folks! Jan
  3. Thanks for all the information guys - should be arriving today then we'll see how she plays
  4. Hi Guys Just thought I'd stop and say hi! So I've been toying with the idea of a concertina, having had a little experience on a melodeon, but always preferring the concertina sound. Today I bought my first accordion (a la ebay) with limited information - I have attached a pic and wondered if any one could shed some light on it if they've seen similar before. I don't know what keys it is in (will be a nice or unusual surprise when I get my paws round it) or whether it's english or anglo. If anyone has any clues it would be appreciated Its a 21 button (I suspect one of these may be an air valve) German Galotta. Take Care all!
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