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  1. Everyone knows an Anglo is just like a melodeon as it's push-pull. Hmm. Yes and no. Once you get much beyond that basic fact, they're very different. Can someone walk me through the basics of understanding an Anglo form the perspective of a long-term DG melodoen player please? Obvious questions are, well, I'd assume pretty basic: - with the rows tuned as they are, you can't cross rows as you can on a melodeon, so do you cross at all, if so how? - how does the left-hand get used? I like the sound mostly, and I know I could go for the easy option and get a Franglo. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. I like the idea of a Crane duet concertina but am not prepared to buy before I try and am not concertinary enough to know if there are any players up in my general vicinity. What can people recommend? Thanks, James
  3. Hello, I'm new here but not new to places like melodeon.net. I bought this concertina a few years ago and just haven't played it. As a beginner's model it's a very good concertina in that it's perfectly in tune and plays fine (being a melodeon-player, I can confirm this), it'll be greet to learn on and is affordable. The concertina looks and sounds like this: http://www.themusicroom-online.co.uk/product_info.php/cPath/244_250_253/products_id/3357 I have also attached a photo of the actual one. As it's an earlier model, there's no maker's name or model number. I'm as sure as I can be it's a Rochelle as the fretwork on the ends Is identical and, what's more, I remember the name from when I bought it, but that's all. Details: - nearly new standard -- 5 years old, played for 5 hours and lived in its box ever since - 30-keys + air button - C/G with a third row of accidentals and other helpful notes - Wheatstone / Lachenal layout - 8-fold strong bellows with no leaks - wooden ends with black plastic finish, white buttons - not sure on the reeds but they're all in tune - adjustable hand straps - no case - two tutor books (excellent condition) --- The In Between Anglo Concertina --- The Anglo Concertina Demystified with accompanying CDs £200 + postage I'm willing to discuss the price but even with buying a case it should still come in much cheaper than the Music Room's anglo starter pack -- Rochelle concertina, soft case and book for £370. I'm happy to answer any questions! James
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