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    accordions mainly, but concertinas too! Also t-shirts and hoodies with a folky music related theme.
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  1. This looks brilliant, some really good workshops going on and because it's online I can actually make it!
  2. Love the first one, tempted to try and find a reasonably priced Anglo and have a go at learning it....
  3. I can recommend OAIM, I've done a couple of their courses and found them really helpful
  4. I love the rounded corners on these, seems to make so much sense. Far more touchy feely.
  5. My dad made his own straps out of an old belt - seems to work quite well.
  6. I've recently started warming up my hands properly before playing, and I really mean "properly"!! I've got a sequence of about 6 or 7 exercises I do religiously before I pick up the box. Since starting I've noticed considerably less joint pain. So the warming up prevents the pain, and the playing / practise keeps my brain exercised.
  7. I love this: {::} }}}} } Thanks for sharing that.
  8. I think that's a brilliant idea RAc. I'll try and record something appropriate this weekend and upload a link here. I'm happy to fiddle about mixing tracks too, pretty sure I have the necessary software / motivation! I'll then share the results on here.
  9. Playing music is my meditation, so the tune "Catharsis" seems appropriate.
  10. Thanks for sharing all those links Bruce, super helpful!
  11. I'm really surprised at this, I'd have thought once the delay had been taken into account i.e. the call has started, it would be consistent? I'm going to have to have a go...see if it works. How did you get on Andrew? Any joy? What software were you using?
  12. I don't think I can offer anything new to all the brilliant comments above, just to say it's all about "purposeful practise". By all means play, and enjoy playing the tunes you know already, but you'll grow as a player by learning new tunes. Someone suggested learning them in your head before you pick up your instrument - good advice. I learned literally thousands of tunes by ear, only referring to music if there's a particular phrase I can't hear clearly. The main thing though is to enjoy it, and play with others if you can. Good luck!
  13. You could always ditch Microshaft Windows? Sorry...probably not helpful (I'm a mac user)
  14. From about 10 years of playing for Scottish Ceilidhs, the only dance I can remember that was anything other than a number of tunes in a set played twice through each was the Eightsome. For that we stuck an extra A on the start and a B on the end (I think...if that adds up?). All the other dancers we'd look at how drunk or tired the dancers were and end it either after twice through the whole set (normally 3 tunes) or at the end of the tune we were on when someone nodded or waved a leg in the air. Unless you're playing for specific set dances where it needs to resolve I wouldn't worry. Oh and it's worth pointing out that a lot of our dances were couple dances to it didn't matter so much how many times you went through it.
  15. Chimère is absolutely beautiful!! Need to learn this tune now, anyone have the dots for it?
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