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  1. Thank you both, I will try this...and hopefully get smoother with practice!
  2. Hi all, I am wondering what might be the best way to play the triplet (B C# D) in the Sligo Maid: https://thesession.org/tunes/399 I am playing an Anglo C/G with double C#s on the first button, top row, right hand. If I play all 3 on the draw (RH) it isn't smooth, nor is it if I push(LH, RH, LH). I'm not sure if it is just that I'm not good/fast/practiced enough, or what. Any thoughts? Thanks, Susan
  3. It was my first time attending. I had a great time meeting you all and hope to return next year. I appreciate all the patience that folks had with me (a newbie). Susan
  4. WOW! Lucky you. I got to try the one that Paul (from Maine) had a t the Squeeze-In. Lovely instrument.
  5. I'm coming for my first time. Looking forward to it very much. I've been playing an Anglo for 1 1/2 years. Susan
  6. Congratulations! I got a Rochelle about 13 months ago, and traded it in in June 2013 for a Morse Ceili. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
  7. I hope to get to the NE Squeeze-In this year....first timer.
  8. Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear that. I went last year, for the first time. (I just started playing a year ago.) I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to going this year...alas :-(
  9. I currently have a cat that lives in the barn, so she doesn't count. My dog, however, seems to have a love/hate relationship with my concertina (or perhaps just my playing). She will lay on the sofa nearby, but often with her head under a pillow. Years ago, I had a dog that "sang" when I played a particular Bach piece on the piano.....wouldn't sing to other tunes, just that one. If I could remember the name of the piece, it was a 2 part invention. ;-)
  10. I started on a Rochelle (bought from the Button Box) and pretty quickly realized that I wanted to upgrade. I traded it back to them and bought a Morse Ceili. The Rochelle was OK to get started on, let me decide if I was serious and if I really liked it before I bought a more expensive instrument. I have had no experience with the Wren. Good luck and have fun! Susan
  11. Thanks daglenn, If it's good enough for Jacqueline McCarthy, it's good enough for me
  12. Goodness...now what do I do ??? I wonder what is most popular. I will ask around this area (NE US) and see.
  13. For those of you who play Anglo - are you more likely to play Cuil Aodha in the key of G or D? and why. Thanks, Susan
  14. I'm not the OP, but this is very helpful for me. I've only been playing for 4 months and am trying to get a few tunes memorized and somewhat up to speed. I plan to try what Geoff Wooff said and play while doing something else, I think that will help me with getting it to be "automatic". John aka Anglo-Irishman - really good advice as well.
  15. Hi Mark, Glad to hear an update. It was nice to meet you in-person at the Workshop. My Ceili just arrived via UPS yesterday. I'm thrilled! Especially after playing the Rochelle for 4 months. I've gone to a few slow sessions and do my best to muddle through and I can tell I am improving. Maybe I'll see you again next year at the Workshop. I'm sure we'll both be much more fluent by then. Susan
  16. Love it! As a sheep-owning concertina player, it made my day!
  17. Nice to meet you, too David Barnert! It was fun, enlightening and helpful weekend!
  18. Hi, I am planning (soon I hope) to upgrade to a Morse Ceili (Anglo C/G), from a Rochelle. I tried one this past weekend at the NE Concertina Workshop and (of course) I really liked it. A few folks I talked to said that the Jeffries fingering layout would be better than the Wheatstone for playing Irish music. A few other folks suggested doing a custom layout to give more options for playing C#. i.e. having the 2nd button in the accidental row (RH) do a C# on both the push and draw. I'm interested in opinions here....please comment. Thanks! Susan
  19. OK, It's me again. I posted the original question and now I'm even more confused (not that hard to do). The sheet music on Session.org has it written in G. Kitty is clearly playing it in something else. Ransom thought it was in C, David Barnert thought F (but later noted that she plays in the C row with no B flats). So does that mean that she IS playing in C? I like the way it sounds in the recording that Kitty and Peter made. I prefer that sound to the version in G (from Session.org). As a neophyte I'm just not sure where to begin. It sounds like a simple enough tune that i SHOULD be able to figure it out by ear. Thanks all!
  20. Not sure what happened with my link, but Thank You Ransom for fixing it.
  21. In this clip of Kitty Hayes and Peter Laban http://www.youtube.c...h?v=hej0hs0yHH8 Does anyone know what key she is playing in. I have printed the sheet music from Session.org and it is in G major, but in this video it seems to be something different. Any ideas?
  22. In this clip of Kitty Hayes and Peter Laban Does anyone know what key she is playing in. I have printed the sheet music from Session.org and it is in G major, but in this video it seems to be something different. Any ideas?
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