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  1. I'm a "mature" player who started playing about 2 1/2 years ago. I started on a Rochelle and within a few weeks realized that I wanted something better. I have a Morse Ceili and I like it very much. That being said....if I were wealthier I would get/order a Wally Carroll "sigh".
  2. I had signed up to take a class with her a few years ago at the Northeast Concertina Workshop (Button Box). Sadly, she couldn't come due to medical issues and I'm so sorry to have never met her. She was one of my favorite players. RIP.
  3. Thanks, Lawrence......my comment was somewhat "tongue-in-cheek", as I know I will never sound like any of them. But I do love all of their sounds/styles, and I listen to them a lot. Maybe "brain osmosis" will take place Susan I think I just might do that, Daniel. It would be a good "winter" project for me. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Lawrence......my comment was somewhat "tongue-in-cheek", as I know I will never sound like any of them. But I do love all of their sounds/styles, and I listen to them a lot. Maybe "brain osmosis" will take place Susan
  5. Hi again, I was out of town for 3 days, so didn't get to play at all during that time. Today, I only had 45 minutes or so, but I was so happy to be playing again, that I wasn't worrying about fingering or technicalities. I worked on a few tunes and just had fun!
  6. Congratulations on your new concertina! You'll have to post some videos of it in action :-)
  7. Hi again all, and thank you for all of your support and encouraging words. I'm doing sort of what Jim is describing above. Playing tunes I used to be (I think) pretty good at, but with new/different fingering to see what makes the best sense for me and increases my fluidity. Today In addition to just working on 3 tunes, I did some scales. I tend to avoid doing them, but I know they are "Good for me". Tradewinds Ted- thank you for the link. Some days I will play through a lot of tunes, other days I might spent an hour on just one or 2 and really try to see some improvement. Some days I play using dots and other days just play tunes that I have either learned by ear or memorized.
  8. Thanks all.....I have no intentions of giving up I just want to sound like Dympna O'Sullivan, or Mary MacNamara, or Edel Fox, or Claire Keville, or Kate McNamara.......etc.
  9. Thank you Geoff. I am at the 2 1/2 year mark. I try to do at least 1 hour per day. Some days I can do up to 2 depending on my schedule. And I play with other folks at least once a week. Susan
  10. Have any of you experienced this????: I seem to go through periods of playing/practicing where I think I am making progress, and then I can go for weeks where I think I sound worse than I did 6 months ago. Tunes that I have played for a while, and I just sound awful. Part of it might be that I am trying to improve my fingering, so I am trying to re-learn phrases to make them more efficient overall. It sometimes gets very discouraging. Anyone have words of wisdom or advice? Thanks
  11. I was just telling some friends yesterday (one a flute player and the other a guitar player) about "Concertina face" when They were teasing me (in a friendly way) about my grimacing.
  12. Thank you all for your help!
  13. Maybe next year. This year I did NHICS
  14. It is G-e-d that I was referring to, as in Clancy's Jig https://thesession.org/tunes/1856
  15. The more I try to learn the less I understand.....If I am reading old posts correctly, one should avoid "chopping".... "using the same finger to play two consecutive notes on two different buttons". So, I have these tunes that I learned at Noel Hill School and using his guidance I am playing G e d all on the left hand, all with my left index finger. Is this "chopping"? What I would have done (Before Noel Hill) would have been to play G (LH push), e ( LH pull), d (RH push)...... But I'm trying to retrain myself, but now I'm worried about chopping......
  16. Thank you all! Lots to continue to work on. Susan
  17. Looking for thoughts about making Irish tunes sound "more Irish". Does changing bellows direction on every note, or every other note make a difference...as opposed to playing several notes on a draw or push? Emphasizing the first note in a measure? Any other tips? Thanks! I'm playing a C/G Anglo.
  18. Seeking opinions of the best way(s) to play The Congress Reel https://thesession.org/tunes/208. I taught myself to play with pushing the RH e, pulling the LH A (c row) ....and pulling the RH d.......then I took a class with Noel Hill and I got the impression that in 9 times out of 10 I should use the LH d/e on the G row. If I do that- should I then pull the A on the G row???? I am playing a 30 button C/G and I have long fingers and my right hand is stronger than my left hand, if that makes any difference. Thanks, Susan
  19. Looking forward to it, Jim. Thanks for the info! Susan
  20. Thanks Greg!....I''ll have to work on that "b" . Susan
  21. Anyone going to Noel's class at Gavin's in NY? I'll be a first time attendee...any suggestions, etc. Thanks.
  22. Thanks Lawrence. I had been avoiding the C#, or trying it with a C natural (which I liked the sound of).... I worked on it this morning following your earlier suggestions and it is getting better. Susan
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