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  1. Don't see it on Reverb. Curious, has it sold?
  2. Due to health issues of my own and the dire state of health insurance coverage these days I'll be creating a new post for the sale of this wonderful instrument and piece of concertina history. Please know that it's available immediately. I will be asking $1600- which is what it cost me including the shipping. I live in NH about an hour from Boston and an hour from the Button Box are nearby and wanted to come check it out otherwise I will ship it at your actual cost in the continental US. That's the aforementioned Herrington Concertina with case $1,600 plus shipping anywhere in CONUS. Payment via PayPal or receipted cash if local pickup. Kindest regards, JD
  3. Hi, I was the previous owner of this really wonderful instrument. Sending you a PM. Regards, Jd
  4. Just noticed that my lovely iPhone with its tiny print has taken it upon itself to replace "Herrington" with "Harrington" in my post and all of the ensuing correspondence. Wouldn't be getting off on the right foot without acknowledging my not being diligent in editing and an apology to the legacy of Harold Herrington. I work on occasion with a fellow named Harrington and that must have been enough incentive for my "smart" phone to know what spelling I really wanted. I'd very much welcome any and all contributions relative to this instrument and its story. Any stories of Harold when he was first making these square instruments will stay with the instrument and will be shared with all. Creating a a new thread for this purpose is likely most appropriate. I'll do my best to be a good steward for this important, contemporary piece of our rich concertina history.
  5. PM Sent I would be honored to own, play and curate this instrument.
  6. .tail-less cats & Tedrow concertinas have in common... I do wonder if tail-less lap cats facilitate concertina playing more readily than the average variety. Being a dog lover not living on the Isle of Man provides me a distinct cluelessness on the subject. Congrats on the news piece Bob. Thanks for being such a delightful public representative of our under exposed instrument of choice.
  7. Thanks for the provenance John. Do your records indicate the key othis concertina of the late Captain George Sally?
  8. It seem like it's been modified, cutaway, so as to make it louder. There is a piece of material as a sleeve over each of the original bolts in the center of each void to keep the span from collapsing I'd imagine. The brass mending plate used was standard hardware store fare as far back as the 1920s. Growing up from the age of 5 in a rather blue collar community, family-owned hardware store I've seen so many of this type of "a working man's solution or improvement" done to an object beyond their means otherwise. Oh, the things that I've seen done to guitars, pianos and fiddles.
  9. I believe that you are quite correct in this case Stephen. I just sold my own 1965 Wheatstone 20 button after giving it a good cleaning and tuning last month. It was purchased by and up for sale in a very nice shop at $1499 for about only a couple of weeks before it sold. This thread's ebay instrument started on Craigs list the week after my former concertina showed up on the shop's website. Likely where the intial idea of pricing came from. The Craigslist price was the same as the ebay buy it now price which the seller fully got. Good for them! Here's a pic of my former instrument somewhere in the midst of my sorting it out. Look like the one you are referring to Stephen?
  10. Congratulations Doug. You're a bold man it seems & it has most likely paid off. Well done. Can't wait for an update and very much interseted in your report back on the oddly laid out Jeffries.
  11. Addendum: It seems odd to me that a person might have no knowledge of the relationship between sounds, have no one with good discerening ears available to assist in the interest of a sale and yet know enough about concertinas to determine "that a couple of pads are loose". Most lay folks don't know the difference between pads, valves and cirle thingies. Totally ignored the request for some history on the instrument.
  12. Don't know how "out of school this is, but when I asked this: When you press a single button while pulling out on the ends it should play a note (make a sound of a certain pitch) when you press the ends in while holding that same button down does it sound the same note or does it sound a note up (or down)? If you try a couple different buttons in the same way are the results the same? I'm trying to find out if the notes are the same or different consistently on the in and the out for each button. Do you have any history on the instrument? It seems well-played, yet well cared for. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Kindest regards, I received only this by way of reply: I tried a few buttons and it sounded a little different. But I am not a expert...I also have trouble with my ears.....they ring all of the time. Seems a bit odd to me.
  13. Thank you for the additional information. I'm sending you a direct message.
  14. What are you asking for this lovely instrument?
  15. Ah, that makes perfect sense. In other words there's a market for the scamsters...albeit a thin market. Thanks for the refresher economics lesson, especially as it relates to an instantenious global marketplace. Happy squeezing!
  16. ...and there it is *POOF* gone. I still can't quite fathom why concertinas?
  17. Oops & here: http://london.craigslist.co.uk/msg/3861019658.html All one and the same?
  18. Scam it is! I knew I'd seen that quote before. The text of it was in rererence to a different instrument. It went like this: "He has never found any fault with this instrument...only he is too slow! The sides are rosewood and the raised endplates silver with a floral pattern and the..." It was located here at one point. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/dipper-concertina--anglo-31-buttons-wheatstone-london-3400/103805167 If it was in Ripley I would have already been in my car ;-)
  19. Thanks for the words Andy. No worries & best wishes photographing all that very, very vintage light. Concertina-wise I'm building my path as I go one brick at a time and having a great deal of fun along the way. It's just another aspect of this second half of my life. Music, history, doing a little more to influence the weft and warp that becomes the fabric of my community. Oh, and rubbing shoulders with the likes of all of you. What's better? Besides prices vs value is relative to not much in particular or everything in general and always has been. In the meantime I'll continue to be on the lookout for a decent vintage Anglo 30 that needs some love, but has great potential. Cheers
  20. Thank you ALL so very much for your replies.
  21. Hello All, This is my first post and it is an inquiry into the Jeffries Anglo 38b C/G that is currently being listed on the UK bay site. It is item number: 281057206743 Living here in the States the prices of the finer vintage instruments are astronomical so I'm looking abroad. I'm curious if this Instrument is being sold by a member or if anyone here may have first-hand experience with it or seen & checked it out? Does anyone have any experience with this particular seller? From the back and forth in the questions and answers the seller references this group and sounds like they have scrubbed a reed or two in their time. Are there any thoughts about its condition based on the photos and description? Any sage counsel would be deeply appreciated. Kindest regards, JD
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