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  1. Purchased this used Morse from Button Box several years ago but it has sat in its case since then. Unfortunately, I am getting old and simply lack the time to learn to play it. Before I purchased it, Button Box's Doug Creighton made me a sound sample of the concertina which I add below, plus my picture. Selling for $2600 (US); new Morse Ceili Anglos now sell for $2,995. Buyer pays shipping from BC, Canada STE-068.mp3
  2. Hohner Preciosa PRICE REDUCED. Hello. AM reducing my price to $ 800.00.
  3. For sale. Hohner Preciosa Melodeon, G/D (182911488353). All keys and bellows are in great playing condition, esp. given that it was made in Germany, in, I believe, 1943. Like Hohner's Liliput, Preciosa Melodeons were/are highly portable, but yet loud and beautiful. My Preciosa plays beautifully, though not necessarily in my hands, as I am a rank beginner. I'll sell it for $ 1000.00 (Canadian). I can send more pics; just ask. Shipping is from British Columbia, Canada in its original leather case, at buyer's expense. While Paypal is best, I accept cheques or modes of payment, so long as shipping occurs after payment has cleared.
  4. Hello. Did you sell your Herrington? Thanks John
  5. It may only be me but I only see that wonderful case.
  6. Hello. Looking to buy either a Rochelle or Wren 2 as a beginner/second concertina. I owned a Rochelle previously but have read some good reviews of the Wren 2. Any help appreciated.
  7. DId you sell your sq. Harold Herrington? I spoke with him about making me one but sadly, he was already iil, and uncertain about his future. Please let me know if it's still available (and sorry about your pet). J
  8. Apologies to any/all who had trouble finding my Connor on Ebay. Its Ebay number is 331570923596. Contrary to Ebay, I will ship to Canada, Europe, etc. so long as buyer pays shipping. Have a look, this is a beautiful concertina deserving someone who plays better than me, which is just about anyone! J
  9. I have just listed my Connor G/D anglo, with D drone on Ebay.
  10. I too would be interested in the 20 key Crabb. Could the seller contact me if folks ahead of me decide not to buy? J
  11. Realize I am likely quite late responding but did you ever sell your Herrington concertina? PLease advise, J
  12. Apologies for taking so long (Pkarran) for getting back. I use Concertina net infrequently. I would be happy to Skype or discuss my Connor with you. Not sure how to est. contact, however, within the constraints of the CN system. If you get this message and if allowed by CN, I could provide my email address for better communication. John
  13. Connor G/D with D drone in excellent condition. I have priced it based on sales of more common C/G Connors. $ 3200.00 US. I am in Canada but will pay shipping to US or Canada.
  14. Oops. Just noticed that you acquired a concertina, Rob. Well, the Connor D/G with drone is available to another buyer. j
  15. Rob. I just spent an hour trying to re-est. contact with Concertina Net as I saw you were looking for a D/g Anglo. I have a Connor D/g, with drone button, that I would consider selling, if you're still looking. I do no yet have a price but please advise if interested. While I am in Canada, you in Isle of Wight, my wife is travelling to England this fall, schedule uncertain. Anyway, let me know if you're interested. J
  16. I belong to and check out Con. Net regularly but am a 'rookie' at using such fora. A few minutes ago I informed Marcus that I have a John Connor, Anglo, G/D with drone that I would consider trading for the concertina pictured/described earlier. It is in very good condition, with HSC. thanks, John
  17. Hello. I have a John Connor G/D with drone and lockable case in very good condition. Let me know if interested. John
  18. Hello Dave York. Could you please get through to my email here in NS about your Edgley GD. thanks novieanglo
  19. Thanks Mike, but I am really looking for a G/D or even lower pitched anglo. Novieanglo
  20. Hello. So you have a Tedrow to sell? Is it an anglo and if so what key and price? thanks John
  21. Do you have a Tedrow anglo for sale? If so, what key/price. thank you, John (1rochelle)

  22. Kel. I am looking for a G/D. Is your Tedrow in GD and if so what are you asking for it.

  23. Hello. What key is your Tedrow in and what are you asking for it. thanks, 1rochelle

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