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  1. Our local High School (over 35 years ago) had an active folk music club. I'm not sure how we got so many great performers to come to upstate New York. Alistair Anderson visited and had a concert in our cafeteria and a workshop the next day. It was a relevation to listen to his playing. My brother Ed pick up the concertina first and I started several years later. I am still amazed by Alisair's playing and dedication to the music.
  2. Rhine House, Ithaca New York, 2013 "Even people we didn't know clapped."
  3. I was researching an Wheatstone concertina in the Horniman ledgers and noticed the designation "S.V." then "W.S.". Does anyone know the meaning? Thanks http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD01/PAGES/D1P0750L.HTM
  4. The concertina only says "Made in Italy". It has the number 144 inside. It came with a flyleaf in the box from Matusewitch Associates depicting the "Concertina Keyboard".
  5. I picked up this concertina on Ebay. It seems to have been made by Stagi for Matusewitch Associates, New York. Is anyone familiar with these instruments? It seems to be higher quality construction than the 1970-80's Stagi that I've seen. The box appears to have been stored in a basement and will need some restoration. The hardware is corroded but most of the reeds are in good shape. I'm trying to estimate how much I should put into it. I purchased it for $179. Thanks
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