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  1. Thank you, Mary! I've written to Mr. Eskin.
  2. That instrument has had a long journey from Nottingham ... wouldn't it be great if a concertina could tell it's own tale. Chris Since my wife does not remember seeing the concertina nor seeing her first husband playing it, it seems it must have belonged to his father who not only was from England but served as secretary to the British ambassador in China during the 20's and 30's. What a tale it could tell, eh what?
  3. Thanks for the help! It looks like we need to find someone locally who can inspect the concertina with their own hands and eyes. So far our search on the internet and in the phone book has been fruitless.
  4. Thanks, Ken! We're in Carlsbad, San Diego County, California.
  5. We are not musicians, but my wife and I just found her former husband's (deceased) concertina and are hoping to get a rough estimate of its value. The keys are discolored, and the strap around the case is well-worn, but other than that the instrument itself seems to be in good condition. It also seems to have good, strong tones.
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