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  1. I'm waiting on a response back from Harmonikas right now to see if they will only sell one set. They hadn't mentioned any limits when I first emailed them so we'll see what they say when they reply back. I'd really like to get a set of their DIX reeds if they are willing to work with me. I'll have to check out Ciccarelli too just in case Harmonikas doesn't pan out.
  2. Nope he's playing it. Check at 1:23 and the piano is overpowering it but you can hear it in the background too.
  3. Hello All, Long story short, I'm building a C/G 30 button Anglo Jefferies style concertina with the help of these forums, Bob Tedrow's photo essay and my father who is a Master Machinist from Germany. And yes, for those of you thinking it, I have to be nuts to take up a challenge like this. I'll give a background of myself and an explanation as to why I want to do this at a later time but for now let's stick with the topic at hand, purchasing reeds for a concertina. My plan has always been to make a hybrid concertina with either Tipo A Mano or A Mano accordion reeds as this is 100x easier that making my own. I've done some research and have found a number of companies that produce and sell the reeds I'm looking for. Here is a list of the companies I've been able to find so far: Binci - Not accepting new orders at this time. Cagnoni - Requires a 5 set minimum purchase. Armoniche - Requires a 10 set minimum purchase. Harmonikas - From my understanding, they will sell individual sets and has a special set that sells under the DIX name. Homewood Music - Bob has a set he is willing to sell me. Button Box - Still waiting for an email back. So my questions to all of the fine folks who reads this: Do you know of any other reed manufacturers I might be able to bug for pricing / availability? Has anyone purchased / used reeds from any of the aforementioned companies? And what have your experiences been with them. Is there a general consensus of who makes the best hybrid reeds? Thanks and I can't wait to hear the responses.
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