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  1. The concertina has been sold.
  2. Hello Darren, I don't know if you are still interested, but the lady who looked at my concertina decided that she really couldn't afford to buy it at this time. So, the Rochelle is still available. Let me know if you are still interested. Graham
  3. Hello Darren, Several hours after I posted a reply to your question, I was contacted by someone, who was interested in the concertina. I have lent the concertina out to this person so she could test it for a few days. I will be out of town for over a week. Because of this, I will not know if she is buying the instrument until I return. After my return, I will let you know if the instrument is still available. Sorry, I don't have better news for you. As far as I know, the instrument is in fine working order. Graham
  4. Hello Dsweeney, Yes, the concertina is still for sale. The asking price would €230. Let me know if you are interested. I'll be glad to answer any questions that you might have about it. Graham
  5. I am selling a Rochelle Anglo, C/G, 30 button concertina from Concertina Connection. I am the original owner and have had this instrument for only a few months. It has hardly been played and is practically brand new. The concertina is a Rochelle Anglo: 30 keys, C/G, with the Wheatstone layout. The concertina also comes with instruction book and hard-shell case. Since I bought the concertina and hard shell case at the same time, I never got the gig bag. For disclosure purpose, I did add a few new holes to the straps to compensate for my small hands. The reason I'm selling the Rochelle is that I recently purchased a Edgley Professional concertina and no longer need the Rochelle. Asking price for concertina is $300 (US dollars) plus shipping. I live in Ireland at the moment. To buy a new Rochelle concertina would cost is $415. To buy the hard-shelled case would cost $50.00. By purchasing this concertina, you are saving $165. Please let me know if you are interested. If a member of this forum buys this concertina from me, I will make a suitable donation to Concertina.net.
  6. Hello Dawn, I found another Concertina Connection dealer that is a little closer to Galway than Kenmare. It looks like they are about 60 miles from Galway. I don't know if they have a Clover, but you could contact them to find out. I hope this will help. Good Luck. Graham Here is their information: McNeill's Music Shop, Address: Church Street, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, Tel: 065-708 5734, Email: jmcneill@indigo.ie
  7. Hello Dawn, I saw a "Clover" Concertina in a music store in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Kenmare is just south of Kilarney. The name of the store is the Sounz of Muzic. Their address is: 9 Henry Street, Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland. The phone number is +353 64 6642268. They are a dealer for Concertina Connections. If you are in the Kenmare area and go to the store, I'm sure they would let you have a go at the Clover. I played it a little. It seemed like a very nice concertina. Good Luck. Graham
  8. Hello Dave, Sorry for the misspelling of Edgeley. It was late at night and my brain and fingers don't work well at that hour. Anyway, thanks for the info on the two concertinas. It looks like I can't go wrong with either one of them. How much are you asking for the Edgeley? I'm assuming that the Clover will probably be sold to the lady in Belfast. If not, I would be interested in the Clover. Otherwise, I might be interested in the Edgeley, if the price is still in my budget range. Let me know. I see you are coming to Ireland in March. You mentioned that you would be heading to the western part of Ireland after Dublin. It there a chance that you could be near Cork? Thanks. Graham
  9. Hello, I want to make to the jump from beginner concertina to mid-range concertina. I'm interested in either the "Clover" by Concertina Connection or a Engley's "Sessions Box" that sells for a few hundred dollars more. Does anyone have any feedback on the pros or cons to these two concertinas? Are they about the same in quality? Is one far superior to the other? At the moment I'm leaning towards the Clover because it would cost a little less. Also, I could trade in my Rochelle as an upgrade. I would love to hear from the concertina world about what you think. Thanks. Graham
  10. Thanks to all who have answered my question about ABc notation. I had no idea that the ABc notation was so cool. It will be a blast learning yet something new. One thing for sure, learning the concertina has been an adventure. Graham
  11. I'm very new to the concertina. I would appreciate someone explaining how to read the tablature in the Music section of this website. I have pulled an example of a song that was posted to the music site. Here is a portion of that song: X:1 T:Oh!Dear! What can the matter be? M:6/8 L:1/8 Z: Peter Dunk 18 July 2008 C: Trad - Variations by Tom Clough K:Gmaj "Var I" |: d2BcdB g2BcdB | d2BcdB edcBAG | c2ABcA a2ABcA | c2ABcA agfed^c | d2BcdB g2BcdB | d2BcdB edcBAG | E2G2c2 B2c2A2 | G6 G4 Bc :| Trying to decipher this code, I came up with this. Please correct anything that I might have wrong. X: {I have no idea what that means.} T: {The Title of the song} M: {The time signature or measure of the song} L: {I have no idea what that means.} Z: {Who wrote the song} C: {What type of song} K: {What Key the song is in Ex. Key of G major} Now, I need assistance. Could anyone explain what "d2BcdB g2BcdB edcBAG" means? Here is what I think it means, but I am not sure. I assume that the small or Capital letters mean something like Push or Pull, but I don't know which or even if I'm correct in this. What does the numbers next to the letters mean? Is this the octave of the note or which button to use? What does the symbol "|" mean? What does the symbol "^" mean? What does the symbol "|:" mean? I'm sure this is quit simple to most people, but I'm brand new to the concertina. I'm just trying to find my way in learning this mysterious yet interesting instrument. Thanks. Graham
  12. Thanks Daniel, I think I'll go the Rochelle Anglo concertina route. I know at sometime I will want to upgrade to a better concertina but right now the Rochelle is the one that is in my budget range. My wife would kill me if I spent more. Also, I figure if I purchase it from Concertina Connections, I can take advantage of their upgrade program later down the road. Again, thanks for the advise. Graham
  13. Hello: I'm new to the world of concertina. The style of music that I wish to play is the traditional Irish music. I hope to join in on the various jam sessions that exist in the pubs of ireland. Being a beginner, I've done some research on selecting the proper concertina to purchase. I've narrowed it down to either the Rochelle Anglo or the Elise Duet concertina. Being new to the instrument, I'm not sure which one I should pick. Everything I've read has stated that the Rochelle is a fine beginner's concertina. Although, I've read that the Elise Duet concertina, with the Hayden button layout is easier to learn on than an Anglo button layout. So I'm still a little baffled with which concertina to pick. I was hoping that someone with more experience might guide me on this matter. Thank you. PS: This is a really nice website. Graham
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