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  1. If you want a baritone, I'm selling my Jack. http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16585&do=findComment&comment=157392
  2. I picked this up used at the Button Box in November 2012. I love playing it, and I'm starting to make real progress, but I'm having hand problems and have to put it aside for a few years. Comes with: Hard case Soft Case "Tutor for the Jackie and Jack English Concertina" book "Handbook for English Concertina" by Roger Watson The bellows are worn on the edges, but the sound is great and the seals are tight. Would love to see this go to a good home. Asking $300 $275 for the package, buyer pays shipping. Edit: Please either PM me here or contact me via email on this page.
  3. Yes, but Google doesn't give me personal recommendations.
  4. I purchased my concertina, a Concertina Connection Jack (a Chinese-made English baritone), at the Button Box in Massachusetts. I now find I need to get it tuned. I'd like to bring it back to the Button Box, but it's a 12-hour round-trip for me. Can anyone recommend a shop in the NYC area that can do this for me? I live in central NJ. Edit, for clarity: I can search Google as well as anyone. What I'd love is a recommendation from someone who's had their instrument worked on in this area.
  5. I've been using videos a bit, but have mostly been following the Jack tutorial. Will check those CC videos out, thanks.
  6. Does anyone know of any instructors in New Jersey or even NY who teach the English concertina? I'm making progress on my own (it's my third instrument) but I'd like to avoid any bad habits that will lead to ergonomic problems down the line. A few lessons with a good teacher, or even meeting up with other, more experienced players might do the trick.
  7. I've been playing my concertina - a Jack Baritone - for about a week, and I've found I can get a sort of tremolo by working the bellows in little fits and starts. I've also found I can bend notes by pushing/pulling on the bellows really hard. Is either of these bad for the bellows or thew reeds? Will they throw the concertina out of tune or harm it?
  8. Don, I did end up finding a used Jack. It has a slightly mellower sound than the new jack I tried out. A couple of notes do seem a bit unstable, but it's hard to tell if it's the instrument or my concertina-virgin-hands; holding this thing is hard, particularly when playing while pulling at the bellows. Or just my lack of playing ability to date. (I can play a scale! Mostly without mistakes.) Time will tell. If I do replace the Jack eventually, I imagine I'd look for a 48-key treble; I tried some at the Button Box that hit the high notes without sounding screechy.
  9. Concertina Connection Jack Baritone. It's an overdub on top of an existing demo (which I'm using to test an arrangement). I'm gonna be embarrassed by my terrible technique and timing problems as I improve, but I'm excited about this! Here's the first thing I've using the new instrument: Tom o' Bedlam testbed demo I bought this instrument on Monday at the Button Box. Recorded in Logic using a Zoom H2 as both interface and mic. I've never played concertina before in my life, so apologies for the timing issues.
  10. And did you get a chance to do anything else? Unfortunately, we had very little time dut to hitting traffic on the way up. But I'll be back!
  11. I went up today with a friend, and they had a used Concertina Connection Jack! I haven't played it much yet, but I'm looking forward to it!
  12. I'm currently looking for a beginner English concertina, and have zeroed in on the Concertina Connection Jackie or Jack. They both sound quite good to me, at least from the audio files I've heard online. The Jackie and the Jack are the same instrument, but one is a treble and the other a baritone. Both use accordion reeds. While I'm partial to lower tones in general, I'd probably be quite happy with either instrument. Are there any particular issues I should keep in mind when choosing between the two instruments? For example, I understand that chords need to be more widely spaced to sound good on a concertina. Is this problem more pronounced with a baritone concertina? Are there any other issues I should be aware of? Thanks!
  13. Everyone, thanks for all the great ideas. Our trip was scheduled for tomorrow, but we're postponing until Monday due to the snowstorm. (If the weather is bad then, too, I'll just mail-order one of these; but that seems like much less fun.)
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