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  1. Well! Its great to hear from a fellow Midwesterner! And I thank you for your reply, and advice! I will certainly look into his videos. And try to see fi he can help. Thank you again! Hmmm Lessons on skype... that sounds workable. I will have to look into that! Thank you for the idea!
  2. Hello! I will soon be getting my first concertina.I have settled on the Rochelle as I am a huge Irish/Celtic music fan. And so I will need a teacher if at all possible. Even if its just to get the basics. As I know how to read music and keep time and all. Its the mechanics I will need help with the most. I live in Lincoln Nebraska. If anyone is near or around that area. Or know of someone willing to teach. Please let me know! Not much to go off of for now I am sorry. But I figure the details can be hammered out later. Thank you for your time! -IronWolf
  3. So I am looking to buy one of the Rochelle concertinas from the button box for my first! Just need my taxes to come back! Haha!

  4. So I was looking around and came across this. I thought it looked cheap. But I don't know to much about Concertina's in terms of value and quality yet. But I am learning! So I thought I would share with you all and see what you all thought of it. It does not give to much about the maker. And I thought someone here might be able to tell us all about it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/280990855474?_trksid=p5197.c0.m619
  5. Wow! Lots of replies! So I will start at the beginning. To Jdms: Thank you for your recommendations. As I will have to do a little more research before I settle on who and what I go with. But thank you very much. And I know it will be a different and unique experience learning this new instrument. And I am more than ready to invest the time and discipline in learning how to play it. So thank you again for all your help and well wishes. To David: I see. Then I feel a little bit more assured in possibly using The Button Box. And I am very happy I stumbled upon this site. There seems to be alot of helpful people here. So thank you for your help. To KC MetroGnome: Yes as much as I love the midwest life of mine. I often find that I cannot find the things I want to see. But I didn't know about the renting it thing. This is something I will have to look at as it will be perfect for me to test one out! Thank you for the great information and help! And I think you are correct when saying I won't want to give it back! To Shelly0312: Hmmm that is interesting. I will have to look him up. Does he have a website or do you just have to talk to him through here? And yes, I have to agree. The internet is a great thing. I would not have been able to keep up with or be involved in most of my hobbies. Not to mention all the fun people I get to meet from far and near! To Michael Sam Wild: Thank you for the warm welcome! I am learning quickly how right you are on the helpful and nice people here!
  6. Hello all! I am new to the concertina, and have yet to get one of my own. As they are a little on the expensive side for me at the moment. I stumbled on this website as I was looking into what instrument I was hearing and seeing in many Irish folk songs. Soon though, I found myself falling head over heals with the sounds it made. And I have been wanting to pick up a new instrument to play. And this one fits the bill for me! But sadly, I don't have any experience seeing or holding one. And if I am going to drop a grand or more on something. I at least want to know what I 'should' be getting for my buck. This brings me to another point. I am a young man in the middle of the heartland of the U.S. In Nebraska. I would love to get in touch with someone out here or near by at all that knows how to play or at least owns one that I could look at for a bit. As I find just reading about them and seeing them on youtube is not helping me as fast as I think it should as I have no physical point of reference. And there are no stores out here that have them. I know a place that can get me a Hohner D40 twenty button. But I have read that, it will not do me to well before it will start breaking down and what not. Though I have thought about getting one of those starter models from the button box. Mainly the Rochelle model as they offer a buy back if I give it back and upgrade to another they make. Which is not a problem really. Though I have one thing with them. Is I don't know if the deal they offer for the Rochelle is a legit deal or not. As in will they stand by their word when time comes to pony up the cash for the next concertina. As I have not done any business with The Button Box. I know I would like to play Irish styled music. But, I do hear that is hard to start at. So my thoughts where to get an anglo styled concertina and learn some basics before getting a model that can play the Irish style a little easier. Not to mention during that time I am learning I can save for my next one. Which will be a slow process for me. Given the economy and all. Well that is my very long winded Hello! And all. I hope to learn lots from this website and hope that I can add my own knowledge to this site soon as well. Also if there is someone who lives in Nebraska, say Hello sometime and maybe we can meet up and talk!
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