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  1. eeee - listening to that tune brings images of wrinkled stockings to mind!
  2. Welcome to the forum Gary! Nice playing too. Paul
  3. Hi Peter,Actually, I play it in G on my Duet, but play it in C on my Accordion! I taught myself the Jeffries in G (not the easiest key apparently) because of my morris background, but I'm currently trying to extend the keys I play in. Rgds, Paul
  4. Oh right...but when I do as you suggest, it would appear that the concertina is made by the 'Attached Image' company!
  5. I too have been playing this lovely tune for many years.
  6. I believe that the four dots used in the repeat symbol in the Minstrelsy are simply an old-fasioned style of indicating a 'normal' repeat.See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repeat "In shape-note singing, repeat signs usually have four dots, between each line of the staff." and also... http://www.psalmody.co.uk/music/East.html "East indicated repeat passages usually with a sign (which varied in pattern and orientation) at the start of a repeat, and the usual double barline (but with four dots) at the end."
  7. Barry's details are available for all to see on Chris Timson's FAQ website under 'makers', so I would not worry too much.
  8. That sounds good Mark...I have a Jeffries Duet that's too big for the standard cases. I've sent you a mail for Anthony's details.
  9. It's still there Chris.....it's waiting for you! I agree, it does look very nice, though when I had a go (as you do!), the buttons required a firm pressure...but maybe mine's just well played-in.
  10. Yes, particulary, as I have just returned from a short visit to the Chippenham FF where Marcus Music had a nice Jeffries Duet for exactly the same price.....and his didn't need re-tuning!
  11. Thanks to everyone who's replied. I was after recomendations really, as looking at the variety available, I was interested in other user's experiences etc,. I have downloaded 'abc navigator' which seems easy to use, and does pretty much what I want. I'm (not at the moment) interested so much in editing, more using abc to download music and the score as a convenient method for personal use. Thanks again. Paul
  12. Wecome to the forum Bob & Leo! Not sure if I would have done anything differently in hindsight - I played the 'tina for Morris for a couple of years (forcing myself to move over from my main squeeze which was the accordion), and more recently have been trying to enlarge my repertoire on my Duet. I'm also hoping to learn non-folkie tunes in order to develop my playing style. Good luck - and I hope to hear further about your progress! Regards, Paul
  13. Yup - just looked...all seems ok now. Thanks Robin. Paul
  14. As Swaledale was my first squeeze-type event of any kind, I was not too sure what to expect, but despite the long drive, I returned home absolutely refreshed and invigorated (obviously I wasn't drinking enough Black Sheep Ale!). It was great to meet so many talented and friendly people....Stuart E, Trickcyclist, Paul McCann and many others....not forgetting Madeleine the rag doll!
  15. Hi Nick, Richard's original post shortly after acquiring the instrument mentions the maker's inscription - http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3575 "Thanks to everyone who replied - attached is a photo of what I have its marked 'C Jeffries 12 Aldershot Road, Kilburn NW6 and is also engraved with my great grandfathers name under one of the handles." Not sure if that's of any help. Paul
  16. Just checked the FARNE link, which is up, but the minstrelsy link's unavailable!
  17. Thanks for your prompt reply Chris. I have found the Tune-a-Tron useful already (a great name!), but after hearing about the almost universal use of ABC, I'd better get familiar with it. Thanks again, Paul
  18. Having only just heard about the usefulness of ABC, I have performed a Google search only to find a myriad of different versions with differing amounts of functionality. Can anyone with ABC experience suggest a useful and easy to use version for reading ABC files, printing sheet music together with the ability to play though a PC's speakers please? Thanks in advance. Paul
  19. tsorry, i got nothing I too got nothing other than 'done' in the bottom of the screen, until I highlighted the url (i.e. the link address) in the 'address' window of Internet Explorer, then hit the enter key...then it started.
  20. "Winning bid: US $5,900.00" Eeeek!
  21. Just trying to identify the tradition...... Straight in with a 1/2 Hey, 1/2 Gip, Whole Hey, Back to Back, Distinctive Figure ending on a 1/2 Gip. Any ideas?
  22. Thanks Stuart. Great source of info, this forum, ain't it
  23. Forgive my ignorance Jim, but how do I determine which is the central key of the instrument?I can understand an Anglo being constructed 'in a key', but I had been under the impression that it was fully chromatic, and could play in any key. ..Just checked and my instrument is apparently in C as in this chart http://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/images/finger2.htm Rgds, Paul
  24. My 51 key Jeffries Duet is 7" across the flats. Paul
  25. Thanks to everyone who has replied to my post. Jim: Good, sound advice. So, at least I won't be doing anything wrong by teaching myself, because there is no 'correct way! Stuart's comment about the little finger strikes a note of truth - I have on occasions used it, but I find it's accuracy a little 'unreliable' but I'm sure it'll improve with practice. Wes: Thanks for the link to the tutor. I was aware of that site and it was that document that made me wonder whether there was a recommended fingering pattern. Thanks again, Paul
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