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  1. Thanks for the information Bill! As for what I plan on playing...I am not entirely sure. I have in my mind that I'd lile to try sea shanties and irish.......jigs..reels...hornpipes, etc.... but that may change. I am not sure if this broad interest lends any clarity to my anglo vs english choice or not...but if it does...please let me know. I currently play 2 other instruments: old-time frailing banjo, and crossharp harmonica. I have a secondary interest in trying some sort of duet with myself via multitrack recording. The banjo plays in key of G, A, C, and D. And I have harmonicas in several keys. So a song such as Fisher's Hornpipe, which I know on banjo, might be fun to learn on concertina as well. I've been doing a little more reading....perhaps you can clarify. A 20 button D40 Hohner anglo would allow me to play a particular song in a particular key. And a 30 key anglo would allow me greater ornamentation and flexibility on this same song...as well as play songs in other keys? Many thanks for the info...I really appreciate it. Mike
  2. Hello, Getting the urge for a concertina....and have some questions. I am thinking these are common beginner questions... 1) Do I want a 20 or 30 row? 2) Comments on the Hohner D40 and Jackie? 3) Instructional videos....compare/contrast these 2 videos: The Seaman's Concertina: A Beginning Guide to the Anglo Concertina in the Nautical Style - John Townley Learn To Play Irish Concertina - John Williams 4) Best instructional books? 5) How limited will I be on a diatonic? I don't plan on playing with other people that that often....is the limitation in that some songs can only be played in certain keys or on a chromatic and not on a diatonic? 6) I know this is not the buy/sell topic...but if someone has a used package deal...concertina, instructional vhs, and a book...then email me. Many thanks...I can't wait to start! Mike
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