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  1. In the case of our motorcyclist friend, I ( as a rider myself) might reccomend a larger tank-bag for the box. They can be had in a wide variety of sizes, and if you crash hard enought o damage the bag despite the pegs, handlebars, and (possibly) crash bars...the instrument will be the least of his concerns....
  2. HELP! I saw 2 auctions on ebay that interest me, and would like some opinions on how foolish I'm being! Item # 7304521046 is "vintage and German", but how vintage? Anyone recognize the maker? Is this worth messing with as an instrument? (I have no interest in a non-functioning museum piece) Also, I like a 14-button vintage Hohner, item # 7304961586...I've never seen a 14-button...is this junk or worth pursuing? As always, your help is GREATLY appreciated! Greg
  3. I have often used a Coleman "Little Oscar" hard-side cooler as a tackle box, bait bucket, berry-picking pail, etc. Not all on the same trip, of course!! (Blackberry flavored worms! EEW!) Greg
  4. I thought the 30 button that we were discussing in the other thread was an Anglo? 30 buttons is an odd number of buttons for an English. I just double checked the website, and it is listed as an "Enlish-style concertina", but the photo shows 15 buttons on one end.....
  5. That (Mark's magic story, not Chris's repairs) is a pretty fair description of my experience on every trip I made to Tom Hall's Friday night session in Portsmouth NH last school year. One of the things I miss most about living in New England. Have not stumbled onto (or succeeded in organzing) anything similar here in western Pennsylvania. Awaiting that time... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Could you talk the Coventry Inn into organizing something? With their national exposure among the British car community, they could perhaps reach prospective participants that you wouldn't. I've spent many fine evenings at the Coventry in years past....
  6. Which might be easier to learn? Which is more versatile playing different styles? I'm not dead-set on Irish music only, and have found a great deal on a 30-button English. Your input/opinions are greatly appreciated! Newbie Greg
  7. It sounds like the instrument for me! The price is certainly right...can you provide me with brand, key and where you got it? I would prefer something NOT pearlized red plastic if possible!
  8. Gurk! What a strange thing for someone to suggest. You are quite right, just ignore the third row at first. But the "accidentals" row is not just accidentals, but reverses of important buttons and things of that kind. You will fairly quickly get impatient with the limitations of a 20-button box. If money is an issue (and, concertinas being what they are, it usually is) and you really cannot go to a 30-button, then watch out for the 26-buttons that sometimes flit past on eBay and elsewhere. Much cheaper than a thirty-buttton, much more versatile than a 20-button, they often make a very good buy for a starter concertina. Chris <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm honestly quite torn...I have NO background in free reed instruments, and haven't played anything at all in years, so the simplicity of a 20 appeals to me. I doubt I'll ever get "serious" about playing for audiences or anything. On the other hand, if I take to it, I'll want the 30....somebody just give me a free concertina so I won't have to make a decision! Greg
  9. Actually, I was just reccomended a 20-button over a 30 yesterday for a first instrument. I belive that the idea is it would be less frustrating to learn... however, i have toyed with the idea of getting a 30 and intially ignoring the top row. The 20's are definitely cheaper, though and that's a big issue for me right now! Greg
  10. I'm looking to buy my first concertina...I have been pointed toward a 20-button Anglo. Any thought as to brands or price ranges? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Greg
  11. Buckwheat does, indeed, rock! I also just saw Beausoleil in concert with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band last saturday night and they both were amazing! I realize the difference in the musical styles I listed, but again,I'm not really looking for a specific "sound". This struck me as a good jumping-off point in terms of investment and ease.
  12. Okay - here's my first post ...I'm in the same beginner boat, but with a different twist. I've played clarinet, sax and guitar, but never anything like a concertina. I'm quite fond of English and Irish folk music, chanties, and Zydeco music, so I got interested in the instrument. I have NO experience, and a limited budget. What do you think I should buy in terms of ease of learning, and playing only for my own pleasure( I don't intend to ever perform with it!) Your input would be greatly appreciated. Greg
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