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  1. Perhaps I just have elephantitis of the fingertips, but I'm unintentionally inventing "chords"...if you can call them that.
  2. I have to agree, but I would like to be able to follow along these folks' discussions a little closer! So far, so good as to self-teaching. Greg PS- could they make these buttons any closer together?!?!?!
  3. [sounds like good advice...I find myself running out of air before the tutorial says to reverse in one or two specific measures...just wondering if the reversals are written in stone, as it were!
  4. I just got my Jackie in the mail yesterday after noon! I played through the first half of the tutorial before being told by my wife to go to bed! I absolutely love it! Other than re-learning to read music, and memorizing the note/button relation (beginner troubles) what seems challenging is bellows direction. Is there a "correct" time to reverse bellows direction or will it become intuitive? Greg
  5. Unless they have changed it recently, the address is spam@ebay.com. You should simply forward the message to them, with the full headers if possible. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I believe they have changed it...I recently went throught the same thing and got results at spoof@ebay.com ....
  6. When "holes and hollows" in the wood were mentioned, that was my first thought as well....Here's hoping we're wrong!! Greg
  7. Wayne: Much of what Jill says is perfectly correct, and closely follows my own reasons for choosing an English. I strongly suggest that you read through the last 2 months board postings pretty thoroughly...I know that accordian vs. concertina reeds has been discussed, as has what entry-level to buy in at. I personally have gone through www.concertinaconnection.com to get a Jackie (beginner) based on their full-value trade-up policy and good reputation. I know there is an Anglo in the offing from this same company, but have no idea when. Let us all know where you are, and perhaps you'll find an experienced player in your own back yard! (Not me! I'm a beginner too!) Greg
  8. Jeff: You give me great hope! Perhaps I, too will have it fairly easy....Someone might be in your neck of the woods, but you haven't listed where you live in your bio! Greg
  9. If you're serious about trying it, use a pendant light fixture hardware and a standard-base bulb for an appliance. They are about a third of the usual bulb's size (keeping the bulb further from the paper) and at about 15 watts wlll take all day to become too hot to touch! If that's still too bright (we're talking mood lighting, now) us a standard-bas chandelier bulb...even smaller profile, and can be had down to 10 watts at any decent grocery or depatment store. Greg PS- I run a antiques/vintage lighting business, and this is what I rig up to display vintage shades w/o damaging them.
  10. Okay - this cure seems a little extreme to me....I'm not sure children are a cure for tattoos though; my father-in-law just got a large maple leaf on his bicep surrounded by the phrase "MADE IN CANADA"
  11. If concertinas are more addictive than tattoos, I am indeed in deep trouble! My wife (herself untattooed) is already asking if I've planned out the next one! (#3) If they are as addictive as motorcycles, I'll soon to be divorced!! (no more room in the garage as things already are!) I had the Jackie set up with a neckstrap, so I can experiment with playing position, etc. as there seemsto be no "right" way to play one! I found a dove grey pearloid Piano Accordian today in an antique mall for $70...it looked to be quite playable and very good condition overall...but I resisted temptation! I heard this deep voice in my head; "Greg...come to the Dark Side..." I hope concertinas aren't a "gateway instrument"...
  12. I just stopped by to say hello again...my pc died a miserable, grinding-sound death and had to be replaced, so I've been incommunicado for a bit. MANY thanks to all the kind souls who have offered to start me down the path of concertina righteousness. Stop in Indianapolis and I'll buy you a pint! I've sold the old pc to a neighbor who thinks he can build a server out of it, AND sold my old saxaphone, and was able to scrap enough cash together to order a jackie. Based on conversations with other jackie owners as well as Mr. Wakker himself, I feel confident that I made a good choice. Who knows...perhaps an Anglo in a year or two...or sooner? Are concertinas as addictive as tattoos? judging from this group's emails it would seem so! Greg
  13. Point well taken...but I try to pay little enough that I can resell if I have to. Greg
  14. No offense taken, sir! As I stated , I just don't want to be taken for a whiner. I quit at $125, which is how much I happen to have right now. (as soon as I get paid!) By summer's end, I'll have scrounged, scammed and hustled enough castoff rebuildables to afford something a little further up the food chain. If worst comes to worst, I know a guy who always is willing to pay me cash to muck stalls!
  15. To reply with famous quotes: "Faint heart ne'er won fair lady" "He who hesitates is lost" "All's fair in love and war" (and motorcycles???) You get the idea. When the gas station can charge $2.29 a gallon and the grocery wants $1.99 for a bottle of water (It falls from the sky, people! Buy a barrel and make your own! ) you expect ME to be a paragon of virtue and fair play???? One last quote: "Nice guys finish last!" Greg "Never pay retail" Knipe
  16. As my father-in-law is fond of reminding me, "bargain" is a word whose meaning is proportional to the income of whoever says it. I have an available "allowance" of spending money that comes to $20 per paycheck. I currently have $80 saved and will get paid friday for a total available of $100. It will take me another 10 weeks to double that, and 132 weeks to be able to afford the AVERAGE of the concertinas listed for sale on this page. That puts me in your ballpark somewhere around May, 2007 provided I have no setbacks, and spend no money spent AT ALL (as in $0.00!) between now and then. Times are hard, the economy is weak, and they're talking about outsourcing my entire division of the company. I'm not complaing, but rather explaining... I realize that I sound like a tightwad sometimes, but my choices often come down to mortgage or music....concertinas or gas money to get to work, if you will. You see my conundrum. This is the last I will say on the topic. I neither want my situation to be misunderstood, nor pity. I'll just have to hustle on the side a little harder this summer!
  17. If he didn't want to sell, he wouldn't have listed it. If it doesn't sell again, email him and offer to buy at half his buy it now. Many times, that's the price a dealer probably paid (double his money = sale); from there you can negotiate a price that makes you both happy. Don't be afraid to play hardball. Many times, I'll buy a motorcycle 4-6 weeks after Christmas (when the bills are coming due); I'll view the bike in the garage, then ask to get in out of the cold to talk money. Then, I'll drop about half the asking price IN SMALL BILLS on the kitchen table. 90% of the time the man's wife will tell him to sell it then and there! The worst they can say is "no"! Greg
  18. Ken: I haven't been to Bloomington since I was too young to get into a bar! I've lived in Indy my whole life and have never even HEARD of the Golden Ace! I'll have to check it out. As for Mr. Lawson, I have sever al of his albums while he was with Metamora! He is one of the artists that got me interested in Folk back in the late 80's! I've also been a semi-regular on the Northside at a bar called the Aristocrat that hosts a band called Hog Eye Navvy that does British folk and sea chanties. Greg PS - maybe you should change the website's name to "the Concertina Crisis Hotline"...
  19. That was actually my wife bidding on it. I gave up well before that as I knew it would go too high for my budget. She tried to be sweet and buy it for me. I'm a lucky man in many ways! Greg
  20. I bid a scholer up to $125 on ebay last night...but they are said to be somewhat inferior instruments. Affordability was my driving impulse. Greg
  21. Sarah: You are right about their helpfulness and about the value of the product...in fact, I have found that there is less than $20 diffence in prices betwen used and new Jackies. It is still out of my price range for now, but I think that's what I'll work towards if I can't pick up a vintage instrument cheaply. (So far, that hasn't been an option!) Greg
  22. I've seen that before, but had forgotten it. I've never rented anything in my life...I just never saw the point in paying to not own something! I'll have to look into this as a possibility! Thanks! Greg
  23. Central Indiana in particular is a cultural wasteland. I attend every Gaelic, English and Folk music event I hear about, and have NEVER in my 38 years seen anyone play a concertina live. Fiddle? Sure. Bodrahn? Sure. Harp? Sure. Accordian? Well that's as close as it gets, and then only in Polka settings... I won't give up on this, but I'm feeling damned impatient and frustrated! I can buy a running, titled motorcycle for less than a ratty, buttons-missing, holes in the bellows 40-year old concertina! (And have, on more than a dozen occasions) It just doesn't make sense to me.... Anyone want to trade a decent concertina for a used motorcycle??? Greg
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