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  1. what I can only discribe as a stench


    I know what you mean...my mother-in-law uses a hand lotion that literally makes me open all the car windows when she applies it! Udder Butter or Bag Balm has a smell, but it doesn't seem to set my sinuses off....




    What???? Are you saying that you don't support my rights as a gun owner? The 33 1/3 ammendment to the constitution of these here United States guarantees me the right to keep and arm bears while waving my whiskey bottle at the nieghbor's kids and shouting obsceneities.....

  2. [

    Maybe Wendy doesn't care to smell like a tractor


    They must sample everything...but always come home with avacado soap.


    Now ask me if I'd rather date a woman who smells like machine oil or like produce! :lol:



    Seriously, though, I'm very sensitive to perfumes, and I can't abide scented stuff! Therefor, I stay away from perfumed personal care items, scented candles, incense, potpourri, etc. They aren't worth the allergies to me, even if I like the smell.



    (Plus, you can't buy ammo at Crabtree and Evelyn!)

  3. Jim:


    Since all I have is a soft case, what about rotating the "down" end? Alternating left and right ends down would negate the effect, wouldn't it? (Providing of course, that the box spends equal amuounts of time in each position) 2 day w/ gravity pulling down the valve, then 2 days pulled flat, etc....


    I don't want to store this on it's side, as it tends to roll that way....

  4. Wendy:


    I do a lot of machine shop work, and a lot of harsh chemicals. Every winter, I get the same skin-splitting you describe (though mine appears to be seasonal). I use Bag Balm from Farm and Fleet or Tractor Supply stores. It's designed to use on cow udders to cure chafing, cracking, etc. You might give it a try!

  5. Are we overthinking here? How long would this take to affect the valves? If we're talking harming the instrument in a year or two, that's bad...if we're conceeding that most concertinas are playable 50+ years later and have been stored God alone knows how, then should we really be worried? Replace the springs every couple decades or so.


    Forgive my ignorance if this is a stupide set of questions....

  6. So you play both?


    No, I don't..I play English (Badly). The original post was regarding "New" versus "Vintage" instruments. I really don't even have a preference between Anglo and English...I've heard players who sounded wonderful on either one. I personally find concertina to be one of the most challenging, least intuitive instruments I've ever played!

  7. I get the long end handle and the shoulder strap, but how would the narrow end handle be used?


    I have a vintage suitcase built like that, and find it useful now and then. Imagine you need to stash the case in a space too narrow for the long axis...you slide it in on the upright (instrument) position, and use the handle to manuever the case...


    Not neccesary, but sometimes useful.

  8. Jeff:


    Ideally (I have no idea how this would really work in the real world) I'd have a smallish hard-shell case about the size of a trumpet case. I prefer the look of a leather-covered case (or at least nylon), and that would allow you to use a cheaper grade of lumber as well....I'd also like some metal corner caps as well.


    I would NOT have a removable top! I'd drop or lose it! A strong piano hinge and a releasable prop to keep it open would be nice touches.


    I'd like 3 handles: at the opening horizontal side, at one of the narrow ends, and a removable shoulder strap w/ a pad, like a guitar strap.


    The interior would have a formed interior covered in a soft, non-abrasive material. Behind this would be some kind of shock-absorptive material...I've considered the spray-in foam we use to pack appliances in the warehouse here...


    On the interior, I'd like a space for my strap...a small rectangle cut from the foam, perhaps. Sheet music would reside in a zippered pocket on the exterior.


    There's my 2 cents...


    edited to add that toolbox - style catches would be nice, with a loop for a padlock if needed.

  9. Forget the hedgerow...I want a shovel! :ph34r:


    You obviously don't know me very well....if I get really wound up, you're going to need a bomb shelter, six months rations, and a running start! Once a myopic nun at the Catholic college I attended squinted at me as I stood in front of a sunny window and sighed deeply. I asked her what she was sighing about, and she replied,"Because it's the last time I'll ever see you with a halo." I once proclaimed to a priest teaching science that "People like you will be first against the wall when the Revolution comes." My wife tells my that I have the "E" ticket to Hell: no lines, no waiting and all the rides! :rolleyes:

  10. Abide, and this dalliance with occult will pass. I'll light a $3.00 lampion for ye on the way home from work.


    Can someoneof my socio-economic background please translate this? Apparently the head of medieval studies died and left Mark here his vocabulary....


    And as for my socio-economic background....blue-collar, union, and so poor that they couldn't afford that extra "g" Mark likes to hang at the end of my name... :)

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