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  1. As for you, you'd do just fine! I've heard your stuff in the tune-o-tron...
  2. How about "only their headresser knows for sure"? or "Pedestrian Crossing"? Though I did rather like "embarrased zebra!"
  3. Mud, Mud, glorious mud (the hippopotamus song) I'm a gnu I know those songs! They were on Sesame Street when I was a kid! Bo, that's a blast from the past! (Goes off whistleing..."G-no, G-no, G-no, I'm a Gnu")
  4. Mutt: I opened the medicine cabinet ( which I rarely do) and what should be in there? Yes, Neutragena "Norwegian Formula" lotion, flag and all! I'll try it tonight!
  5. If you Hit the air button and slowly work the bellows in and out, you can do a fair impression of Darth Vader's breathing, too! Slap a dust mask over your face to muffle your voice, and use my red plastic slide whistle as a lightsaber, and you'll be a hero to all the 6 year olds in your neighborhood! (Darth Smiley)
  6. I, for one, won't laugh...I named my Jackie "Vader"!! For more Star Wars related lunacy, see the "Almost went over to the dark side" thread in this same menu!
  7. On behalf of we Ebay users, thank you for being so concientious in your research. I recently contacted a seller who was listing several upper-end concertinas and always has a load of literature on sale...She couldn't answer my question about the instructional material because she didn't know there were more than one "sort" of concertina! As a buyer, I appreciate your honesty and initiative! Thanks! Greg
  8. Okay, but pretend that you all aren't experts for a moment.....So the makers provide a deficient case, you store it in a position from which you can't easily pick it up, and NOW, I'm supposed to disassemble a perfectly good instrument to figure out where the lowest reed valves are in order to further complicate an already silly process???? All I can say is "Wow". This is definitely NOT a user-friendly situation! I currently have my gig bag stuffed sideways under a chair in my office...no idea about valve orientation...as an added bonus, my cats seem to like the handle as a toy....I may have to move it into the bedroom closet, but then if it fell off the high shelf, disaster.
  9. These ladies are tall and very elegant. The contrast between the raven and white hair is strikingly beautiful. Why not play off that idea? How about something like "Raven and Snow"? Classier version of the same idea, and suits your description of them better.
  10. I can't speak to performing, but as a frequent bookstore-concert goer, I don't really care what the performer wears as long as if suits the act. Doublet and hose are great for Shakespeare, but don't go all "costumey"for a folk show. I also am either amused or upset (depending on how I react to the message) when a performer playing folk music wears a shirt with a plitically conservitive message, or similar situations. Just my 2 cents.... Break a finger! (Leg doesn't seem appropriate to concertina)
  11. Yes, but you'll never stop wanting to help. My old man is my best friend, business partner, general contractor, mechanic and financial advisor. I, conversely, do all the heavy lifting and try not to look TOO blank as he explains yet another arcane and incomprehensible procedure....
  12. Simmer down, Pops....you'll give yerself an anuerism...and at your age, too!
  13. I was lost as well! It turns out that I own one!
  14. And my Canadian wife keeps telling me, "but it's a DRY cold up there".... aal this AND cracked fingertips! (And plenty of static electricity too)! I just don't get it.
  15. On, the other hand, they both have keyboards.....let's see if he can make a PA do that dial-up sound!!!
  16. Some of you may have already discovered this, but I found that an easy way to cut high-density foam rubber is with an electric carving knife. I then use 3M spray adhesive to adhere it to almost any surface. (The application here is car audio vibration damping)
  17. Thanks, Alan....it's certainly worth a try!
  18. Apparently, only beautiful women play concertina! (Or else Peter prefers to photograph only beautiful women )
  19. I've never played an instrument that was able to make chords...I was terrible at piano, and sold my guitar for the betterment of mankind...so I'm looking for a book as a roadmap. It's very frustrating right now, as I just got Sarah Graves' CD "Black Boxes" and I want to play that sort of thing!
  20. Mark: I've played several instruments, but the scales were always linear (e.g. recorder);what throws me is the back-and forth between hands. I didn't care for the 2 tones per button system of Anglo...I was a miserable failure at harmonica, too, though. Really, I think it's more a matter of impatience and lack of practice time combining to discourage me. I'm 2/3 through the Jackie tutor, and already looking for the next manual. If anyone has recommendations for a book that teaches basic chords for English, please let me know!
  21. Now that's a clever retort! I'll try the Scargo. I have a type of psoriasis where the skin on my knuckles becomes "stiff" ( for want of a betterterm) and eventually just falls off. Neosporin helps the raw skin heal, but the cycle repeats eventually.
  22. I was just tweaking you a little! I no longer own guns (The wife is a tree-hugging liberal commie pinko foreigner, after all)...And I did say keep and arm bears (seems only sporting). We do have a way of going off-topic, don't we? My bad!!! My family wasn't even here yet in 1776...we did get us some Yankees later, though.
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