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  1. The trouble with the Elise, I guess, is that if you someday will think about a better concertina with the same system, you have just a few alternatives (as far as I know).
  2. Hello! Is it still available? How much would it cost to ship it to Italy? Thank you
  3. Thanks Geoffrey, interesting reading. Your memories seem to confirm that we do not have a real concertina tradition here in Italy, just a business for makers. Bizarre
  4. Sorry for reviving this thread, but I happen to be Italian, so maybe I can give a more detailed inside view. I don't know if Italy has had a concertina tradition in the past, but certainly there is not a scene now. The presence of concertina makers here is actually a mystery to me, being an instrument with apparently no players and tradition. The only tutor in italian I found (a very basic introduction to the anglo concertina found on the net) asserts that "the anglo concertina is an instrument that fits particularly well to italian traditional music - and even if it cannot be considered a typ
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