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  1. I saw the first listing, which seemed suspicious because it didn't seem like enough money. For some reason I missed the relisting. As for waiting a while, I've been looking for three months. Not long enough, I guess!
  2. Thanks for the tips about Ben, I've sent him email but haven't heard back yet. I don't know how long I can wait; my Edgley needs a tune up. Several keys are slow to respond and my right hand index F#/G freezes up in humid weather -- bad summer for that. That's when I start looking for Irish tunes in C.
  3. Wanted: 40-key anglo concertina Seeking offers of playable instruments, as well as advice on whether this is doable given my budget: $2,400, including shipping to the US (Connecticut). Or should I just get a Stagi W-40 with a Button Box or Tedrow set up? I usually play alone, so relative tuning (i.e., A = 440 hz), loudness, timbre, etc., are not hugely important. That being said, I don’t want anything too high, so the central range should be no higher than a regular C/G. Hybrid reeds, brass reeds OK. I’d prefer one without novelty keys. I’ve been playing anglo concertina for about five years, the latest an Edgley 30-button with Jeffries layout. I mostly play classical guitar music, as well as folk tunes and latino tunes like milongas, zambas and chacareras, and I'm seeking to expand the range of materials I can (sort of) play. PM or post here. Thanks!
  4. Here's a couple sources: https://www.cdss.org/vm-store/store-home/books/pat-shaw-collection-of-dances-541-detail http://www.aads.be/order.php?id=B 8945 I can't vouch for whether they're "worth supporting" but they look OK. Good luck
  5. Is this Jeffries or Wheatstone layout? Thanks
  6. Harlan, Sorry, that quote was for one concertina. For two it would be more like $25 standard post, and $45-74 for priority. Apologies to this site for not conduting this all thru personal messaging.
  7. Harlan, Rough estimate for shipping is $16--that's 4 lbs. standard post from Connecticut to Seattle area. Faster--2nd day--is more like $45-50. I'd prefer Paypal, but we can discuss other options, and you can pay once I've shipped and know how much it will be. I can ship early next week. I'm happy they'll be of some use. Cheers
  8. Yes, that's the model. Google Stagi W-15E, click on images, and that's what you'll see. Thank you Blue Eyed and Daniel for your responses. So, Harlan, are you still interested? If so, I'll check out shipping.
  9. Ah. Issues. First off, they're not very good concertinas to begin with. Stagi makes a couple passable models, but the W-15E isn't one of them. I bought these before I knew much about concertinas. One had nice end pieces, the other had a decent bellows, so I decided to combine them to get a better instrument. But I never got the ends fastened properly without keys sticking, so I gave up. Plus, I finally got a good concertina (an Edgley with Jeffries tuning), so I lost interest in these. To be honest, unless you're a good concertina mechanic with good tools and need a cheap concertina that might play OK, I wouldn't bother with these. But if you're still interested, let me know and I'll figure out shipping. Others on this site might know--Can a Bastari/Stagi W-15E be made to be playable? Or should I just toss them? Thanks
  10. One Bastari, one Stagi, both model W-15E, with chrome ends and red end papers underneath. Not working--but in OK mechanical condition, except that two or three springs have been replaced with safety pins, and one has chipping on the wood veneer on an end piece. One bellows is OK for a Stagi/Bastari. If they are of use to you, I''ll be happy to send them, you pay shipping. Shipping weight about 1.8 kg each.
  11. In case you're not aware of the fact, several people--including myself--have responded to this post via personal messages. Of course, maybe you're just celebrating your birthday (happy birthday), or have other valid reasons for not responding, in which case(s) please excuse this message.
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