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  1. Sorry, Margaret, I just saw your response.


    It's just like I guessed--you're already used to it!


    Since no one else hears me on the concertina, I think of it as playing and not practice. And since I get irritable if I can't play a lot--like 3-4 hours a day--I guess I think of it as life and not playing.


    Whatever you call it, best of luck, 


  2. Hi Margaret, 


    Years ago I bought an Edgley hybrid that was advertised as having Wheatstone layout, which was what I learned on and was used to.  After struggling with a Rochelle, the Edgley itself was a treat, like playing butter, but wait a minute . . . there was something wrong with the RH accidental row! It turned out be Jeffries layout, of course. 


    The seller was nice about it, I could have returned it, and I even talked to Frank about switching reeds, but instead I decided to try it our for a while.


    I know this isn't your case--you ordered and received a Jeffries layout (in a very nice box!), but I just wanted to say that it took me maybe two weeks playing every day to get used to it.  If you're brighter than I am (let's hope) you've probably mastered it already. 


    Best of luck. 


    By the way, my sister-in-law lives on the Big Island--maybe you know her . . .  just kidding!


  3. I heard from the seller, who says:


    "I figured out the notes with a piano & picked the notes closest to the sound of the concertina.
    The D/G buttons on the left side (bottom row) are indeed matches, but they are an octave apart."


    So it seems that you guessed right, Mitch, it's probably an old tuning.  And here again we have adjacent buttons with identical notes an octave apart, so what do I know!

  4. That makes sense, Howard. I've written to the seller, asking how he figured out what the notes were.  I'll post the answer here (if I hear from him) in case others are interested. 


    BTW, I played a 38 button a couple years ago that had two adjacent buttons on the lower left side that were identical, but an octave apart. The owner had never played anything else, so he thought it was normal.

  5. The possible reversal of the in/out isn't the only strange thing.  There seems to be a dearth of accidentals and a strange layout overall, such as two adjacent  D/G buttons on the bottom row on the left side.  I'll admit I haven't seen or played that many anglos, but I've never seen anything like this. 

  6. Hi emilyconcertina, 


    Welcome to cnet. You don't say what you're willing to pay or what kind of concertina, but you might want to look at the Button Box in Sunderland MA, 




    They have a good range of used and new anglo, English and duet concertinas and a good reputation.  (Disclaimer, I have no connection with them them.) Certainly much safer than buying on ebay, where they often can't tell whether an instrument is playable or not. 


    Good luck and happy playing. 

  7. I've been paying classical music on anglo concertina for several years, and I've found that sheet music written for guitar works quite well since it's in roughly the same range. There are limitations of course; you can't do many bass runs because you don't have all the notes, and you don't always have the key combinations you want, but you can't let that stop you. And there's tons of material on the net, with IMSLP and free scores.com, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, whatever. I also enjoy playing things like milongas, gatos and rancheras.  Why isn't there more time? (rhetorical question, no need to reply.)

  8. Thanks, Jim


    It makes sense to me that switching between more different systems, i.e. Anglo and English,  concertina and B/C accordion, would be easier, but I accept the fact that this ability differs widely from person to person, there being no way to predict how easily any individual might be able to do it, and that practice would increase the odds of pulling it off. 


    Merging the two threads seems like a good idea, but I don't know how to go about it. 

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